Why Obama and the White House shouldn’t be talking about the Sony hacking…

Yes, we all should be able to go to the movies; however, Obama shouldn’t be talking about all the Sony hackings that’s been going on. The Obama administration appears to be very protective of Americans over the Sony hackings all of a sudden. It’s just messed up and it makes them look like hypocrites. They shouldn’t be talking about the Sony hackings when they have had their share of doing some hackings themselves. Like hacking Sharyl Attkisson, James Rosen and other journalists. Also spying on Americans through the NSA and wiretapping Associated Press reporters. They seem to be against this hacking when they have done some hacking, themselves, ya know???

North Korea is still being blamed for this but I’m not gonna believe that North Korea was responsible until I see the actual proof and hard evidence but so far the US government have showed us none.

The NSA claims to be spying on Americans due to counter-terrorism but they aren’t doing a good job if Guardians of Peace are threatening us. So yeah, like one reader said on here, “Where’s the NSA”???

This is part of why I believe it’s possible that this administration are the “Guardians of Peace”.

I find it funny how everyone are saying that Sony shouldn’t bow down to terrorists. My question is, where was the respect for Sony when they ignored Kim Jong-un’s request not to release the film from the very beginning? I didn’t see any.

And I’m still gonna believe that Sony and the other movie theaters pulling the movie is the right thing to do for our safety and well-being. I can’t blame them at all.


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