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It’s real sad that the left have attacked Chris Kyle, where was all this criticism when he was alive???

I’m real disappointed of all the left-wing criticism and lies that are targeting Navy Seal Chris Kyle. Loudmouth celebrities such as Michael Moore and Seth Rogen started making all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories about, Chris Kyle and liberals have sided with them. Liberals have also sided with Jesse Ventura when he successfully won that lawsuit against Kyle’s wife/widow, Taya.

Then after all this, Chris got even more negative criticism such as this bullshit article here:


It’s real sad that America have to attack and slander a war hero who is not even alive…. and not one person has any proof of their claims of what they said Chris Kyle really was. My question is, where was all this criticism and slanderous attacks before Chris Kyle was killed in 2013???

And just so you know, just because Ventura successfully won that lawsuit doesn’t make him the good guy and doesn’t make him in the right. Ventura could have done that just to make more money. He knows he would have lost the lawsuit if Chris Kyle was alive.

I wish Chris Kyle didn’t die ’cause if he was still alive, you can very well believe that he would defend himself and all of this criticism he’s getting right now wouldn’t have been going on. If he was alive then Jesse Ventura wouldn’t have won that ridiculous lawsuit.

Ask yourself this, where was all this criticism and slanderous attacks when he was alive? There wasn’t any from what I remember. Not until this movie came out.

If you haven’t fought in wars, then you shouldn’t slander the guy.

I wish Taya would grow a spine and get her lawyers after idiots like Michael Moore, Seth Rogen and liberal news outlets who slandered him. She should sue them all. If he was still alive, I’m sure he wouldn’t be getting these slanderous attacks. People are slandering and attacking Chris Kyle now that he’s dead ’cause they’re all cowards… that’s why.

The way libtards are treating Chris Kyle are just more reasons to hate liberalism. Liberals like to call conservatives “conspiracy theorists” over things like Benghazi and all that stuff — well libtards are being “conspiracy theorists” right now over Chris Kyle. Hypocrites. All of them.


“American Sniper” is probably not gonna win Best Picture anyways thanks to Michael Moore and his big fat mouth…

Ya know, after thinking about it a while I don’t think “American Sniper” is gonna win “Best Picture” at the Oscars but I can see Brad Cooper winning for Best Actor, though. The reason “American Sniper” is in danger of losing is ’cause Michael Moore opened his big fat mouth about Chris Kyle being a murderer and all. I’m sure a lot of leftist people are gonna side with him on that especially the Academy members who are gonna vote on the Best Picture. I’m sure there’s gonna be leftist Academy members who are gonna agree with loudmouth Michael Moore on that claiming that Kyle was a madman (when I know he wasn’t). The Academy probably isn’t gonna vote for “American Sniper” as Best Picture winner ’cause it’ll put them under fire for celebrating a “killer”, ya know what I mean?

This is why I think “Selma” is probably gonna end up being the Best Picture winner. If the Academy members voted for something else, it could put their careers in hot water and it would upset the race baiters even more. The race baiters will probably protest against the Academy if “Selma” doesn’t win.

We’ll wait to see what happens on Feb. 22nd the night of the Oscars, though. If the Academy does give “American Sniper” Best Picture, that’ll be great. I just hope the Academy doesn’t cave-in to the racebaiters and let them be victorious.

If “Boyhood” happens to win Best Picture instead of the other two films, that’ll be better than “Selma” hogging the spotlight which is what we don’t need.

We already had “12 Years A Slave” win for Best Picture last year. Are we gonna have a civil-rights movie win Best Picture every year? Gee, I hope not. I have nothing against civil-rights films as I do enjoy watching them myself… it’s just that the Academy needs to give other talent a chance, ya know?

I really meant what I said that if “American Sniper” loses to “Selma”, I’m probably never gonna watch the Oscars again.


When idiots like Michael Moore and the delusional left attacks Chris Kyle…

Usually when the “right” has a strong opinion on something, chances are, the delusional “left” are gonna have an exact opposite thought and truthfully this is getting really old.

For example this article here and other leftist media outlets are slandering legendary Navy Seal, Chris Kyle…


Yes, Chris Kyle killed women and children but some women and children were involved in terrorism. Some of them were caught in suicide vests, carrying guns and all that stuff. Chris just did whatever it took to protect America and to protect his other fellow war soldiers which is what he did.

When you think of Chris Kyle as a madman, psycho, killer or a coward or whatever name you wanna call him… you must think the same for other American war heroes over the years who fought in many different wars. I’m sure what Chris Kyle did is nothing new. I’m sure other war heroes over the years have killed just as many. I’m sure many other war heroes have killed women, children and innocent civilians. I’m not talking about just the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, I’m talking about all of them: World War I & 2, Vietnam, the Gulf War, etc.

If you disrespect a war hero, you are disrespecting all of them. So libtards better watch what they say. Libtards claim they support the troops well, I’m not seeing that at all. Libtards are appearing to be “anti-American” more and more.

They claim that Chris Kyle’s heroism is “unverifiable” which is idiotic and stupid.

Eastwood is not celebrating a “killer” at all. He’s celebrating a war hero after what he did to America, sacrificing himself to protect all of us just like what all US soldiers do.

The delusional left are really despicable people. Makes you wonder why I don’t allow them to post on my blog anymore.


Oscar history #2: Michael Moore wins for “Bowling for Columbine”, blasts George W. Bush publicily

Another classic Oscar moment, Michael Moore, winning for “Bowling for Columbine”, blasts President Bush publicily on stage. Back then, everybody liked George W. Bush, that’s why Michael Moore got booed. Now, everyone realizes that Michael Moore was right all along, he was a horrible president.



Report: Michael Moore competing with Oliver Stone for “Fahrenheit 9/11” sequel?

The controversial film maker, Michael Moore is planning a sequel to his film “Fahrenheit 9/11”. “Fahrenheit 9/11” is a documentary which focuses on blaming George W. Bush for the war and the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. Michael Moore’s plans for the sequel has not yet been revealed. Seems like he’s keeping the plotting underwraps for now. Moore has made other documentaries like “Bowling for Columbine” and “Sicko”.

Variety Reports:


It’s Michael Moore vs. Oliver Stone, two men doing movies about George W. Bush.

Oliver Stone is doing a Bush biopic titled “W” and stars Josh Brolin as our president in the film.