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Was Obama’s “Bloody Sunday” speech yesterday so heroic and inspirational? If so you might wanna see this…

While liberals and the black community have been jerking themselves off over Obama’s so called historic “Bloody Sunday” speech in Selma yesterday, here is one thing that they didn’t catch or probably forgotten about.

Back in 2007 when Obummer was campaigning for his presidency, he credited the 1965 Selma march as the inspiration for his birth when Obummer was actually born in 1961. Not 1965. So how did the Selma march inspire his birth when he was already about 3 years old? Yeah, makes a whole lot of sense doesn’t it?


Yep, I think his birth certificate definitely needs to be investigated.


Come on now, Obama gave a speech in Selma just to compete with Bibi Netanyahu, duh…

I didn’t bother watching the Obama speech in Selma today. I didn’t even bother reading the transcript. Why? Because I know that he’s gonna do nothing but spew out a bunch of bullshit. More racebaiting and division. More hate and lies. All he’s gonna do is whine and bitch about Republicans like usual. Yet, liberals are going crazy over Obama predictably saying how his speech was so “heroic” and “inspirational”.

In my opinion, I think the only reason Obummer delivered a speech in Selma today was that this was his competition against Bibi Netanyahu. When Bibi come to Washington to deliver his speech to Congress, everyone in America gave him more respect ’cause of his true leadership and that’s why Obama didn’t show or wouldn’t listen to his speech. So Obummer delivers a speech in Selma earlier today just so he can get Americans to try and respect him. He’s such a megalomaniac. Liberals are all over the internet jerking themselves off with this Obama in Selma speech predictably.

It’s pretty obvious that liberals still worship Obama and honestly, it really bothers me.

I think Obummer is ruining Dr. MLK Jr’s legacy by just being in Selma today. MLK Jr. is rolling in his grave. MLK Jr. did not want this country to be divided. That was the whole goal of the Selma march to begin with. Obama, Sharpton, Holder and Jackson are just continuing to divide the country even more and that’s not what MLK Jr. would have wanted.

Obama is not a real civil rights hero and you fucking know it. I’m so tired of this “Black Lives Matter” crap. Obama was the one who started it all. How much longer is it gonna go on? We need another Martin Luther King Jr. to stop all this. He wanted to bring whites and blacks together, not divide them. I think the black community knows this too. Yes, “Black Lives Matter” but so do all lives regardless of the skin color. A black person shouldn’t get a free pass in killing a white person but in this day and age, it seems that it’s okay.

Liberals are complaining and whining on why Republicans weren’t at the Selma march and Obama’s speech. Well? Think about it? Why should Republicans attend that event when a lot of Dems and Obama himself didn’t attend Bibi’s Speech to Congress? Fair is fair.

Anyway, I didn’t watch the Obama speech ’cause I really am done hearing the asshole talk. I enjoy hearing Bibi talk a lot more ’cause he is a real leader while Obummer is nothing but a racist, fraud, commie and whatever you want to call him these days. People still support Obama which is a real shame. Shows that people are messed up, mentally ill and delusional. Maybe a combination of all three.


So Obama would rather march in Selma than march with world leaders in Paris? Yeah, go figure…

You don’t see Obama here:

but instead you see Obama here…

How does this not make Obama a racist? Wake up, America!!!!


“American Sniper” is probably not gonna win Best Picture anyways thanks to Michael Moore and his big fat mouth…

Ya know, after thinking about it a while I don’t think “American Sniper” is gonna win “Best Picture” at the Oscars but I can see Brad Cooper winning for Best Actor, though. The reason “American Sniper” is in danger of losing is ’cause Michael Moore opened his big fat mouth about Chris Kyle being a murderer and all. I’m sure a lot of leftist people are gonna side with him on that especially the Academy members who are gonna vote on the Best Picture. I’m sure there’s gonna be leftist Academy members who are gonna agree with loudmouth Michael Moore on that claiming that Kyle was a madman (when I know he wasn’t). The Academy probably isn’t gonna vote for “American Sniper” as Best Picture winner ’cause it’ll put them under fire for celebrating a “killer”, ya know what I mean?

This is why I think “Selma” is probably gonna end up being the Best Picture winner. If the Academy members voted for something else, it could put their careers in hot water and it would upset the race baiters even more. The race baiters will probably protest against the Academy if “Selma” doesn’t win.

We’ll wait to see what happens on Feb. 22nd the night of the Oscars, though. If the Academy does give “American Sniper” Best Picture, that’ll be great. I just hope the Academy doesn’t cave-in to the racebaiters and let them be victorious.

If “Boyhood” happens to win Best Picture instead of the other two films, that’ll be better than “Selma” hogging the spotlight which is what we don’t need.

We already had “12 Years A Slave” win for Best Picture last year. Are we gonna have a civil-rights movie win Best Picture every year? Gee, I hope not. I have nothing against civil-rights films as I do enjoy watching them myself… it’s just that the Academy needs to give other talent a chance, ya know?

I really meant what I said that if “American Sniper” loses to “Selma”, I’m probably never gonna watch the Oscars again.


I bet Obama is getting mad as hell at the success of “American Sniper”…

I can imagine the look on Obama’s face that the film, “American Sniper” is getting more success than “Selma”. Ever since Chris Kyle’s death in 2013, Obama refused to acknowledge it and he stayed silent on Chris’s heroism ever since. Instead, the Obama White House pays respects to Whitney Houston. Everybody knows that Obama himself appears to be a movie buff so I would think he would know about the film, “American Sniper” so he absolutely knows who Chris Kyle is and knows what he has done for the country. Ever since, “American Sniper’s” release, Obama have stayed silent on the film as well. Instead, he’s all over the film “Selma” as he just had a screening for the film at the White House.

If we had a Republican president, he/she would have had a screening for “American Sniper” at the White House and the Republican president would have awarded Chris a medal of honor. Chris is indeed eligible for a medal of honor… it’s just that our fuckin’ president that we have now, Obama, refuses to give him one. There’s gotta be something fishy going on if the president refuses to acknowledge Chris’s heroism and death. As usual, what does Obama have to hide?

I bet he’s angry as hell that “American Sniper” is a box office hit and that the Chris Kyle story got out there. If the president refuses to honor Chris Kyle, then the American people like us will honor Chris on our own by supporting this movie. This is our way of paying respects to a war hero while Obama sits there and does nothing.

Obama does reward other white soldiers the medal of honor dead or alive but he never gave Chris Kyle anything.

“American Sniper” is a beautiful film, though. I bet Obama himself won’t even see it. Going to support “American Sniper” in the theater is all patriotism. That’s what it’s all about really. Showing our love for the country by seeing movies like “Unbroken” and “American Sniper”.

As far as “Selma” goes, once again, I’m sure that’s a good film too but the black community needs to get over themselves over this divisive crap. The Oscars and the movie industry never really had a divisive problem but assholes like Sharpton and Obama are making it into a divisive problem. That’s part of their goal in America… they’re trying to divide this country.

I really hope the Academy makes the right choice by giving “American Sniper” the Best Picture win and Brad Cooper gets the award for Best Actor. If the Academy caves in to race baiters and if “Selma” wins Best Picture instead, I’m never gonna watch the Oscars again and will boycott them.

Why are liberals and the black community accusing the Oscars of being divisive when there are more blacks in the NBA and NFL than whites? Have any whites been nominated or won anything through the BET awards? Al Sharpton is such a loser. I’m getting really tired of that guy.

This is not what Dr. MLK Jr. would have wanted.

Back to “American Sniper”, I’m happy the Chris Kyle story is getting some recognition… FINALLY! I knew who Chris Kyle was before the movie and that book came out.


Why “Selma” is definitely winning Best Picture at the Oscars for sure… Al Sharpton to the rescue!!!

Man, I hate Al Sharpton. “Boyhood” is in danger of losing to “Selma” absolutely!!!


Hey Al, get over it, dumbass!!! Snubs happen at the Oscars all the time!

I’m sure “Selma” is a good movie but I’m just tired of Sharpton and the White House shoving all of this civil rights stuff in our faces. This is why “Selma” is gonna win everything at the Oscars. Sharpton and the White House are gonna keep in touch with the Academy for sure.

Sorry, Richard Linklater!!!