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Hey race baiters, the Oscars is about talent regardless of skin color… get over yourselves!!!

The movie “12 Years a Slave” won Best Picture at the Oscars in 2014 but that should have made the race baiters happy but of course, that’s not enough for them. The staff at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences knows exactly what they’re doing. They know what is award worthy and what isn’t. They’ve always been about the talent. Regardless of skin color or race.

Does Michael B. Jordan deserve a nomination for “Creed”? No. He was good but his performance certainly wasn’t Oscar worthy.

Does Will Smith deserve a nomination for “Concussion”? I haven’t seen the movie but from what I’ve saw in the trailers so far… no.

Does Idris Elba deserve a nomination for “Beasts of No Nation”? It was a good performance and I saw the movie on Netflix but not Oscar worthy.

What about Jason Mitchell’s role as Eazy E for “Straight Outta Compton”? Well… I’ll have to agree that he deserves a nomination ’cause his performance in that film was Oscar worthy. Not sure why he got the snub. The film itself is not worthy for Best Picture, though but Jason’s performance as Eazy E should have gotten nominated.

From what I’ve seen in 2015 there weren’t that many movies with black actors in them released that year so it’s not the Academy’s fault for lack of diversity. They know what they’re doing. They’re professionals.

It’s just a lousy excuse for race baiters to divide the country even more… that’s why they go after the Oscars every year. Black people needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them. They need to get over themselves. This country calling everyone and everything “racist” has gone too far. I’m fed up with it.


“American Sniper” is probably not gonna win Best Picture anyways thanks to Michael Moore and his big fat mouth…

Ya know, after thinking about it a while I don’t think “American Sniper” is gonna win “Best Picture” at the Oscars but I can see Brad Cooper winning for Best Actor, though. The reason “American Sniper” is in danger of losing is ’cause Michael Moore opened his big fat mouth about Chris Kyle being a murderer and all. I’m sure a lot of leftist people are gonna side with him on that especially the Academy members who are gonna vote on the Best Picture. I’m sure there’s gonna be leftist Academy members who are gonna agree with loudmouth Michael Moore on that claiming that Kyle was a madman (when I know he wasn’t). The Academy probably isn’t gonna vote for “American Sniper” as Best Picture winner ’cause it’ll put them under fire for celebrating a “killer”, ya know what I mean?

This is why I think “Selma” is probably gonna end up being the Best Picture winner. If the Academy members voted for something else, it could put their careers in hot water and it would upset the race baiters even more. The race baiters will probably protest against the Academy if “Selma” doesn’t win.

We’ll wait to see what happens on Feb. 22nd the night of the Oscars, though. If the Academy does give “American Sniper” Best Picture, that’ll be great. I just hope the Academy doesn’t cave-in to the racebaiters and let them be victorious.

If “Boyhood” happens to win Best Picture instead of the other two films, that’ll be better than “Selma” hogging the spotlight which is what we don’t need.

We already had “12 Years A Slave” win for Best Picture last year. Are we gonna have a civil-rights movie win Best Picture every year? Gee, I hope not. I have nothing against civil-rights films as I do enjoy watching them myself… it’s just that the Academy needs to give other talent a chance, ya know?

I really meant what I said that if “American Sniper” loses to “Selma”, I’m probably never gonna watch the Oscars again.


Brock thinks, “The Artist”, is the right choice for BEST PICTURE, but the rest of the Oscars was disappointing…

I know last night’s Oscars are going to be questionable for some. Some people are going to think what the hell were they thinking, giving a movie with no talking, the most credit last night. The problem with that is, most young people of this generation, don’t understand what, “silent film” is. I never even heard of that film, “The Artist”, until last night. Never saw the trailers before. Since the movie was getting the most recognition last night, I had to look it up online for myself, and to me, “The Artist”, looks like a very interesting movie. I’m probably going to check the movie out when it arrives on DVD.

I love silent film. That is how movies and Hollywood all started back in the 1920’s – 30’s. Silent film was the beginning of movies. The makers behind, “The Artist”, just simply wanted to give the genre a comeback to the movie industry. If you call yourself a movie buff, and don’t understand silent film, then you’re not a true movie buff. Like I said, I love silent film. Silent movies like the original “Phantom of the Opera”, “Metropolis”, “Nosferatu”, etc. Ever hear of Charlie Chaplin? He was a legendary silent film actor, back in the day! Silent film deserves to comeback to the movies. After, “The Artist”, you can expect more silent movies to be made in the future.

As far as the rest of the Oscars go, it was okay. Billy Crystal’s opening segment, was kind of boring and not funny. He started off parodying other Hollywood movies in the opening segment, and then he came out on stage doing his usual song & dance thing, every time he hosted. I thought Billy was kind of boring, and ¬†it made me wish Eddie Murphy was hosting it last night instead of him. Eddie, I’m sure would have made the show more entertaining.

The movie, “Hugo” started to get the most awards last night. I haven’t even seen, “Hugo”, yet, but I want to. I love Martin Scorsese’s work and I’ll wait to see that film when it arrives on DVD.

Most of the Oscar winners were disappointing last night, to be honest with you. There were only a few that I agreed with. I’m happy for Octavia Spencer that she won for Best Supporting Actress for the movie, “The Help”, which is well deserved. Octavia actually got an emotional standing ovation from the crowd, and she deserved that as well. She was obviously, the best thing about that movie.

I’m glad that Meryl Streep finally won an award. Even though she holds the most record breaking nominations, she hasn’t won an award since “Sophie’s Choice” in 1982. So if you think she’s won a lot of awards, not true. She may have been nominated a lot, but out of all the nominations, so far, she won about 3 or 4 ¬†awards, I think. She’s an amazing actress who can play just about anything.

I am actually glad they didn’t give the “Best Actress”, award to Michelle Williams, ’cause “My Week With Marilyn”, looks like a terrible movie, in my opinion. Michelle doesn’t make a good portrayal of Marilyn at all, because Michelle looks nothing like Marilyn.

While Christopher Plummer is a great actor, I was disappointed with his win. Nick Nolte, got robbed for “Best Actor” for “Warrior”, he really should ‘ve gotten it.

As for the red carpet intro before the show, Sacha Baron Cohen was The Dictator was there but he had a couple of women with him. He was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest for the E! channel and I heard that Sacha dumped ashes all over Ryan. Of course, I find that fake, kind of a work. This Sacha vs. The Oscars feud, is kind of like a wrestling storyline. Kind of like what Andy Kauffman did back in the old days. Sacha wasn’t really banned from the Oscars, and proof of that, he showed up in the celebrity interviews during the Oscar show itself. I’m sure Sacha was there in the audience somewhere out of character watching the show, but he had to be there anonymously, so this publicity stunt won’t get ruined. This stunt is entertaining though and it’s good publicity for the film, “The Dictator”, that’s why they’re doing it. It is their way of marketing the movie.

Last night’s Oscars was okay. It should have been a little better.