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Film Of The Day: Glengarry Glen Ross

Lets see here, we have Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, Ed Harris, Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey, etc. This movie was, “The Expendables” of the 90’s. A movie full of iconic actors. This film tells a story about a group of salesmen, who were given a strong incentive by a man named Blake, to succeed in a sales contest. A set of prizes are given, and only closers will get the good sales leads.

This has always been one of my favorite flicks. I’ve watched this film too many times. Mainly because of Alec Baldwin’s performance as Blake, the villain of the film. Alec Baldwin has always been the best at playing asshole characters in films, why? Because I believe that’s what he is in real life. Of course, Jack Lemmon’s performance is golden in this film and so is Al Pacino. They’re all great!

This film may be a slow pacing movie, but it’s the dialogue in the script that will make you addicted to it. The movie is full of swearing and cuss words throughout the film, but the story is what’s important. This film is streamable for Netflix. If you don’t own the DVD/BluRay, watch it on Netflix. You won’t be disappointed!


Report: Former “Lost” star, Matthew Fox, and Ed Harris joins, “World War Z” film…

The former “Lost” star, Matthew Fox, and legendary actor, Ed Harris, are in talks to star alongside Brad Pitt, for the “World War Z” film. “World War Z” is a zombie apocalypse novel written by Max Brooks. It’s about the US Army going to war against zombies. The “World War Z” film will begin filming later this month.

Deadline, reports.

I’ve never read the book yet, so I think I’m gonna have to soon. I love zombie stories. I’m sure the movie will be action packed, bloody, and very violent.


Report: Ed Harris to star in “Big Red” with WWE star Randy Orton…

WWE Films is doing a family film titled, “Big Red” which will star Ed Harris and Amy Madigan in the lead. With WWE being in charge of this film, of course, there will be a WWE superstar involved and that is Randy Orton. Ed Harris will play an English school teacher and Randy will play the father of a bully who wants the teacher fired. So this means it’s Ed Harris vs. Randy Orton in a film?

Does this also mean that Ed Harris could be hired as a RAW guest host in the future? Possibly. Ed Harris being RAW guest host would be pretty sweet. Who knew that Ed was such a big wrestling fan? You just never know who is!!!