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Triple H…the next action movie star?

I just got done watching the movie, “The Chaperone”, starring WWE star, Triple H. I’d have to say that this was the first bad movie I saw on Netflix. It was horrible. Bad acting, bad writing, just an all around bad movie. If I had one positive thing to say about this flick is that when I saw Triple H in this film, I immediately thought to myself, “This guy is going to be the next action movie legend”.

“The Chaperone” marks, the acting debut of Triple H. It’s a family comedy about a father just getting out of prison for robbing banks, and he reunites with his thirteen year old daughter. He gets a job as a “Chaperone” with  a group of kids going on a field trip to a Dinosaur museum. Other bank robbers try to hunt them down to get their money back. Very simple plot. It’s kind of like, “Kindergarten Cop” with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yes, Triple H does have the looks and the potential to be an action movie star. Will Triple H ever star in a violent action movie with a hard R rating? Yes. One day he will, but he needs to be out of contract with WWE in order for that to happen. WWE is family friendly PG so WWE Films have to make family friendly films from this point on. Triple H said in interviews said he had plans to retire from wrestling to focus on an acting career for movies.

Seems like all wrestlers are doing that these days, The Rock and Steve Austin for example. Triple H could be a huge action movie star, if he chooses the right films. Triple H will never be bigger than Arnold, but I can definitely see him topping The Rock and Steve Austin easily in films.

I’d love to see Triple H get casted for the next, “Expendables” movie. Him and Sly would make a great team up. While, “The Chaperone” wasn’t shown in theaters, it was a straight to DVD release, it’s still a nice way to get Triple H’s name out there in the movies, a nice start, even though the film wasn’t any good.

Trips will star in a huge blockbuster movie someday. When wrestlers star in blockbuster movies, them becoming a superstar in film doesn’t happen over night. The Rock made his film acting debut in a CGI character as the Scorpion King, for “The Mummy Returns”, the Rock’s popularity in film grew from there. “The Scorpion King” got his own movie and it became a major hit. Steve Austin made his acting debut as a cameo for the Adam Sandler movie, “The Longest Yard”. Then Austin starred in mostly direct to DVD movies with only one big screen movie, “The Expendables”.

I wanted Triple H as Conan for the “Conan, The Barbarian” remake but that didn’t happen. Maybe Trips will one day, get his own Conan film.


Report: Ed Harris to star in “Big Red” with WWE star Randy Orton…

WWE Films is doing a family film titled, “Big Red” which will star Ed Harris and Amy Madigan in the lead. With WWE being in charge of this film, of course, there will be a WWE superstar involved and that is Randy Orton. Ed Harris will play an English school teacher and Randy will play the father of a bully who wants the teacher fired. So this means it’s Ed Harris vs. Randy Orton in a film?

Does this also mean that Ed Harris could be hired as a RAW guest host in the future? Possibly. Ed Harris being RAW guest host would be pretty sweet. Who knew that Ed was such a big wrestling fan? You just never know who is!!!