The way Kevin Spacey came out of the closet was pretty creepy and disturbing, wow…

I have nothing against closeted homosexuals coming out of the closet after keeping their sexuality secret after all these years, but the way Kevin Spacey did it was creepy and disturbing. As you all probably heard in the news by now, actor Anthony Rapp accused Mr. Spacey of attempting to molest  him when Rapp was 14 years old.

Mr. Spacey put out this creepy and disturbing statement after the news got out:

I’m just like everyone else. I too am scratching my head that he claims he doesn’t remember the incident, but he remembers being drunk, though. Then after that, he came out of the closet as a gay man which is no surprise really. So let me get this straight. Kevin just basically admitted to it, and he tried to justify it by saying that he’s drunk and he’s gay? Um, wow… lmao. Kevin did it that way hoping he would get a free pass. No surprise to see the media siding with Kevin instead of Anthony. I’m not seeing much outrage from the liberal left either. They’re all quiet about this ’cause I’m willing to bet that liberals secretly loved the way Kevin came out of the closet.

I’m also seeing some people saying that Kevin never played a gay or bi-sexual character in movies & TV shows which you know is a huge lie. Of course he did. Last time I remember, in the film American Beauty, Kevin was seen making out with a man in the film. You know that scene in the garage when it was raining out. Yeah, that scene. Plus, Frank Underwood in House Of Cards turned out to be a bi-sexual character.

It’s a shame though ’cause I used like Kevin as an actor. He was in some good films over the years, but I can no longer support him. My respect for the man is gone. I’ll no longer watch a movie or a TV show that he’s in.

It’s real sad what Hollywood has become lately. We’re watching Hollywood crumble before our own very eyes. Box office numbers going down on big movies, and we’re witnessing actors/actresses/directors careers get destroyed. It’s crazy.



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