David Fincher is OUT of “Steve Jobs” biopic film…

David Fincher is out of directing the “Steve Jobs” biopic film that is going to be scripted by Aaron Sorkin. Why is Fincher no longer directing, “Jobs”??? Well it’s because Fincher wanted a $10 million dollar paycheck and he wanted complete control over marketing so Sony is saying no to both of those. Seems like Sony just fired his ass.


That’s good, though! I want Fincher to get to work on, “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and he needs to concentrate on “House of Cards – Season 3”.

Speaking of Steve Jobs, I just got done reading his biography book that was written by Walter Isaacs and it was an excellent book. Will this biopic movie be based on that book? Made me respect Steve Jobs even more now after reading it. Steve may have been an asshole over the years but it was his way of doing whatever he could to make Apple big and all he wanted was to make the best products. In the past, I was going to avoid Apple products like the plague but when I finally decided to check out the Ipad, I wanted one of my own so I got one. I also got the Ipod Touch which I also like. Turns out that Apple products is cool stuff.

Only thing though, will I get an Iphone someday? Nah, I don’t think I’ll ever get one.  I’ll just stick with the Ipad and the Ipod Touch. I’ll have to admit that both of those have been pretty addicting to me.

For the Ipad, I just get apps that can be pretty useful to me and the ones that are good. For the Ipod Touch, I just use that to listen to music. I will also admit that buying  albums off of Itunes have become quite an addiction to me. Can’t help it. I love music and willing to buy albums “legally” ’cause I don’t believe in illegal pirating. I like supporting the artist.

While I do like the Ipod, there’s a few things I don’t like about it…. 1) sound quality could be improved 2) buying albums from the Itunes store can take up a lot of memory on your PC. If Apple can fix those two things that would make them perfect. Other than that, I like Apple.


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