Why brutal honesty is good…

Yes. I know I can be a bit of an asshole online. I have no regrets. Have no problem with it. However, though, I never saw myself as a negative person online… I always saw myself as brutally honest. Yes, I know people aren’t gonna like me because of it but that’s their prerogative. I’m a brutally honest person ’cause that’s who I am and who I’ve always been. If something sucks or if I don’t agree with it, I won’t be afraid to say it.

It doesn’t make an honest person a bad person, though. If you dislike a person ’cause they tell the truth… that’s just your opinion. If you think this person is a bad person ’cause of his/her honesty, that doesn’t exactly mean everyone else will think so.

Being honest is good for ya. There’s nothing wrong with it. In this day and age of the internet, honest people are usually looked at as “trolls” or just a trouble maker trying to get people fired up.

Good things can come out of being honest. Over the years of my social networking and blogging, I’ve had a lot of people come up to me in person telling me that they enjoy reading everything I post. Not everybody dislikes me. Agree with it or not, I’ve got a lot of followers and supporters of my online web presence. People have followed me online throughout the United States and I even have some followers from other countries (mainly the UK). Plus in 2006, I’ve got a nod from the Metroland twice on my online blogging and that local newspaper are still fans of my online web presence to this day which is awesome. I also continue to get decent blog views and hits.

Even if people dislike me or what I call them “haters”, they are still following everything I do ’cause they can’t wait to read what I post next. Don’t lie about it “haters”, I know you do. Deep down inside, I know they enjoy reading the things I post even if they don’t wanna admit it, ya know?

People will respect you for your honesty. I know I’ve ranted about this before but I have no problem doing it again. The best bloggers are the ones who are brutally honest. People who aren’t afraid to tell the truth no matter the consequences.

I like being this way because it bothers me that I hold my thoughts in and a blog is a good opportunity to get it all out. That’s what a blog is for to write what’s on your mind. I don’t like being a fake person and like to keep it real. Doesn’t matter the topic, I’m honest in everything. Music, movies, politics, the entertainment industry, life, etc.

If  people don’t like your thoughts and opinions… don’t let them think it’s okay to control you ’cause I never allowed people to control my thoughts. I make an opinion on a topic and I stick with it no matter what anybody says. That’s how you don’t let people win. Never change your thoughts and views ’cause others don’t agree with it.

As for the local music scene, I’m honest with that too. I know I am pretty dislike-able in local music but agree with it or not, I’ve got a lot of musicians who have supported and respected me over the years. Some of them are fans of my web presence too. I thank them for that.

It’s good to be real ’cause nobody would pay attention if you aren’t. There are people who don’t take everything you do personally or seriously. If you don’t take it personally or seriously… you would find what I do enjoyable and entertaining. That’s part of why I do what I do. I do it to entertain people. Whether people like me or not, I do it for my entertainment and for my own amusement as well.

Never change who you are ’cause others don’t like you. You can’t ’cause it’s crazy on the internet. You don’t have to satisfy every person on here.




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