Harrison Ford does surprising Reddit AMA chat but of course keeps quiet on “Star Wars: Episode VII”…

Harrison Ford recently did a surprising Reddit AMA chat to promote his new Showtime show, “Years of Living Dangerously” and of course, his fans asked him a lot of questions about his past movie career mostly. Keep in mind that this chat will be VERY addicting as it is entertaining as hell. He must have been on Reddit for quite a while ’cause he answered a lot of questions. Of course, there is not one discussion of “Star Wars: Episode VII” which is understandable ’cause if he confirmed that he’s gonna be in it… this would have been big news. I’m sure Harrison is in “Star Wars 7″… Disney/Lucasfilm is probably ordering him to keep it quiet for now.

While he didn’t talk about Star Wars Episode 7, he did talk a little bit about the “Blade Runner” sequel.

Enjoy the chat here:


Edit to add: I tried to copy and paste my favorite responses but for some reason reddit didn’t allow it.  Oh well.



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