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Actually, I think starting “Indiana Jones” all over again might be a pretty good idea!!!

Kathleen Kennedy confirms that the next Indiana Jones film is definitely happening but they don’t know when yet. However, when they do finally move the film forward, I expect Harrison not to return to the role ’cause he’s getting too old for the role obviously so I’m thinking it maybe best to replace him with someone else.


On top of that, an Indiana Jones reboot would be pretty interesting as long as they don’t make it an exact remake of the original trilogy. They shouldn’t remake, “Raiders” at all and just make an original film. Their own idea and their own story.

I used to be against Indy moving on with Harrison and re-booting but hey, what are you gonna do? Harrison getting too old to play the role and he’ll probably be 80 by the time the film starts going.

Do you really want George Lucas and Steven Spielberg back? If they did, be on the lookout for more goofy scenes like the fridge explosion. So you should thank Disney for finally getting rid of Lucas.

I enjoyed “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” film but my only problems with it was Shia Labeouf being in it and yes, I’ll have to agree that the fridge explosion was kind of wacky. Other than that, I thought mixing Indy and sci-fi together was an interesting concept!

I’m such a huge Indy fan, though. I loved “Raiders”, “Temple of Doom” and “The Last Crusade” as well. Of course, “Raiders” is the best Indy film… that film is classic.

Could Indy be successful without Harrison? I’d say yes. I think an Indy film without Harrison could be a box office smash if they made it right. I think this franchise was meant to last forever just like Star Wars, Star Trek, and James Bond… ya know?


David Fincher was original choice to direct “Star Wars: Episode VII” but he said no…

Before JJ Abrams got the gig to direct “Star Wars Episode VII”, David Fincher was one of the original directors to helm the next Star Wars film but he simply turned it down. The reason is ’cause he’s a huge fan of “Empire Strikes Back” and he would have made “Episode VII” more like that film. He also said that the reason he turned it down is ’cause he saw the Star Wars films as two droids being slaves like the first two and they stopped the droids being slaves storyline in “Jedi”. Fincher would have kept the droids being slaves story going.


While Fincher is one of the best directors out there, I don’t he’d make a great fit either. Knowing how all of Fincher’s films are, he would have made the film too dark and too intense for families. He would have made the story too difficult for children to understand. I’m a huge fan of all of Fincher’s directed movies, of course, the only film he did I didn’t care for was “Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, that was the only one I didn’t like but all of his other directed movies were great: “Alien 3”, “Se7en”, “Fight Club”, “Social Network”, “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, etc. I also love his Netflix TV show, “House of Cards”.

I’m looking forward to seeing “Gone Girl”. That’s the next film I plan on seeing in theater.

Now here’s a question for Mr. Fincher, “When are you going to get around to getting ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ in the works?”. Come on, dude, bring back Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara for another Millennium film. His, “Dragon Tattoo” film was pretty amazing. That’s the best film he did, in my opinion. I wish he would get to the work on the sequel already!!! We’re all waiting for it!


JJ Abrams confirms R2D2 will be in, “Star Wars Episode VII”!!!

Now that the team behind “Star Wars VII” finally have a director, writers, producers, composer, etc. — now they’re gonna start revealing what characters will be in the movie and they will start the casting soon. JJ tweeted himself this photo with the Bad Robot team confirming that R2D2 will be in “Star Wars VII”. So to prove that R2 will be in the movie… the Bad Robot team poses in a photo with R2 the droid himself. I think the woman pictured in the photo is none other than Kathleen Kennedy, the new Lucasfilm president, I believe.

See the photo, here.

This is a good chance that C3PO will be in it too.

When will Mark, Harrison, and Carrie be confirmed? Everybody knows they’ll probably be in it but JJ is waiting for the right time for confirmation.


Report: Wow, look like George Lucas isn’t lying about retiring…does this mean no Indy 5 after all???

Earlier this week, George Lucas, (the man responsible for bringing us, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and um, quack, Howard the Duck) he told Empire magazine that he is done with blockbuster movies. He’s retiring, says he’s serious about it and wants to make experimental movies. Well, turns out that he isn’t lying and meant what he said!

George just hired producer, Kathleen Kennedy, to be in charge of Lucasfilm, so she can take over as soon as he leaves.

More on the story, here.

For the past year or so, George and Steve Spielberg have been talking about doing a fifth “Indiana Jones” film. Steve said he’ll do it whenever George is ready. So what’s the status going to be on “Indy 5”? Will George pass the torch for the creative writing for someone else or will George scrap Indiana Jones for good? It’s obvious that George is in charge of the Indiana Jones franchise. He’s the one that put it together. George was in charge of the writing process for Indy, Steve just directed them.

I can understand why George wants to hang it up. The guy’s a fuckin’ billionaire, dude, he’s loaded. Made so much money from the Star Wars films and Indiana Jones movies. He can do what he wants to do now. It’s not yet known what they’re planning to do with the next planned Indy movie, but it’ll be interesting to see what they’re going to do with it. Hope they do something before Harrison gets too old.

If George does end up passing the torch of the Indy franchise to someone else, I won’t be heartbroken about it. The Indy movies needs a better writing team anyway. Hey, I enjoyed, Indy IV, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, but it had a lot of problems with the writing. I’m sure the next Indiana Jones films would do fine with a better writer and better producer behind it. As I said, I liked Indy IV, just get rid of Shia Labeouf and the stupid fridge explosion scene, then the movie would have been fine.

I hope they will still make another Indy film ’cause the series deserves a good closure.