Actually, I think starting “Indiana Jones” all over again might be a pretty good idea!!!

Kathleen Kennedy confirms that the next Indiana Jones film is definitely happening but they don’t know when yet. However, when they do finally move the film forward, I expect Harrison not to return to the role ’cause he’s getting too old for the role obviously so I’m thinking it maybe best to replace him with someone else.

On top of that, an Indiana Jones reboot would be pretty interesting as long as they don’t make it an exact remake of the original trilogy. They shouldn’t remake, “Raiders” at all and just make an original film. Their own idea and their own story.

I used to be against Indy moving on with Harrison and re-booting but hey, what are you gonna do? Harrison getting too old to play the role and he’ll probably be 80 by the time the film starts going.

Do you really want George Lucas and Steven Spielberg back? If they did, be on the lookout for more goofy scenes like the fridge explosion. So you should thank Disney for finally getting rid of Lucas.

I enjoyed “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” film but my only problems with it was Shia Labeouf being in it and yes, I’ll have to agree that the fridge explosion was kind of wacky. Other than that, I thought mixing Indy and sci-fi together was an interesting concept!

I’m such a huge Indy fan, though. I loved “Raiders”, “Temple of Doom” and “The Last Crusade” as well. Of course, “Raiders” is the best Indy film… that film is classic.

Could Indy be successful without Harrison? I’d say yes. I think an Indy film without Harrison could be a box office smash if they made it right. I think this franchise was meant to last forever just like Star Wars, Star Trek, and James Bond… ya know?


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