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NASA to reveal all for “Star Wars Episode VII”???

The official Star Wars page just dropped this video in facebook. Look like Disney got NASA to announce the news for “Star Wars 7”: cast, plot, and title. Even though the video doesn’t confirm that May the 4th will be about “Star Wars 7”, the R2D2 appearance in the video kind of hints at it.

Like most people, I think May 4th is the day they will reveal all for “Star Wars 7”. May the 4th is just 6 days away.


JJ Abrams confirms R2D2 will be in, “Star Wars Episode VII”!!!

Now that the team behind “Star Wars VII” finally have a director, writers, producers, composer, etc. — now they’re gonna start revealing what characters will be in the movie and they will start the casting soon. JJ tweeted himself this photo with the Bad Robot team confirming that R2D2 will be in “Star Wars VII”. So to prove that R2 will be in the movie… the Bad Robot team poses in a photo with R2 the droid himself. I think the woman pictured in the photo is none other than Kathleen Kennedy, the new Lucasfilm president, I believe.

See the photo, here.

This is a good chance that C3PO will be in it too.

When will Mark, Harrison, and Carrie be confirmed? Everybody knows they’ll probably be in it but JJ is waiting for the right time for confirmation.