Tom Cruise in talks to have a small role in “Star Wars Episode VII”???

A rumor got out that Tom Cruise is in talks to have some kind of small role or cameo of some sorts for “Star Wars Episode VII”. It was reported that Tom met with JJ Abrams in London for a meeting. If this is true, then this would be no surprise that Tom maybe involved with the upcoming Star Wars. JJ and Tom are long time collaborators as they worked on the four Mission Impossible movies together.

I think Tom will be a nice addition to the cast! I’m all for it if it’s true! Will Tom’s role be a good guy or will he be part of the Empire? We’ll have to wait and see!

I haven’t seen Tom’s latest movie, “Edge of Tomorrow” yet. I’ll probably wait for DVD rental on that one, though.



6 thoughts on “Tom Cruise in talks to have a small role in “Star Wars Episode VII”???”

  1. Ick, I don’t like the idea. Part of the charm of the original films, and part of what ruined the newer ones, was that the original films essentially used actors that weren’t huge stars. As soon as you have someone like Tom Cruise in the mix, it becomes a circus. Hopefully they were just hanging out.

    1. Well Harrison is no longer an unknown star obviously. He’s obviously the only big name out of the entire cast so I don’t think it’ll be a problem.


      1. Well, yeah, but at the TIME he wasn’t very well known. I think the only thing anyone would have known him from was American Graffiti. Han Solo is part of the canon, so obviously that doesn’t make a difference on whether he’s a huge star now or not.

      2. I would think it might be a tiny cameo. He might even show up on screen for like a few seconds. He won’t even be noticed.


    1. Maybe I’ll try to check it out before it stops playing. Another movie I’m planning on seeing in theater is “Deliver Us From Evil” that new horror flick with Eric Bana. That one looks interesting.


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