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Is old age finally getting to Harrison??? I’d say yes…

It was kind of predictable that Harrison Ford is gonna get himself hurt somehow in the upcoming Star Wars films being that he is 71 and all. Even if it wasn’t an action stunt, he still got injured anyway! Well, I guess we can definitely confirm that Harrison and Chewie will be flying the Millennium Falcon once more time ’cause that’s what Harrison just got injured on. He got hurt by the opening of the door of the Millennium Falcon. If you’ve seen the original trilogy, you would know how the Falcon’s door opens. It opens from underdeath. I am thinking that Harrison tried to get on the Falcon as the door was coming down and it hit his ankle.


The injury doesn’t sound that serious so he would probably have to take a few days off of filming to heal up.

I think this is a sign of old age. He haven’t been on a Star Wars set in many many years so he probably wasn’t used to the Falcon.

I think there’s nothing to worry about, though. He’ll be back for more filming and I hope he’ll be more careful next time.


JJ is just joking about leaked photos…



When JJ released this photo calling out the spies leaking the photos to the internet of “Star Wars Episode VII”, I think JJ is just being sarcastic and joking a bit in his little rant there. I mean look at where he taped that note on??? That large piece of metal with the red lights on it. Don’t you think maybe that’s part of the Millennium Falcon??? I think this message is just one of his cryptic teasers. Just one of his weird secrecy stuff, if ya know what I mean.

I know he can’t do anything about leaked photos ’cause that the way the internet and technology is, these days. People are gonna keep leaking photos.

I’m sure we’re gonna see leaked photos of Harrison, Mark, Carrie, Lupita and Gwendoline on set real soon.


Look like Han and Chewy will be flying Millennium Falcon one more time!!!

I hate TMZ like the next person but I thought this would be worth posting. TMZ exclusively reveals which looks like a photo of the construction of the Millennium Falcon for “Star Wars Episode 7” at Pinewood Studios. Look like we are gonna see Han and Chewy back in action again!

I wonder if we’re gonna see the return of Tie Fighters and other Empire war ships. We’re definitely gonna see some epic space battles in “Episode VII” for sure!



“Star Wars Episode VII” officially adds Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie joins…

JJ Abrams, “Star Wars 7” adds two more to the cast. It is no surprise that “12 Years A Slave” star Lupita Nyong’o was gonna get added because she has been rumored for a long time now and it’s finally official that she’s definitely in! “Game of Thrones” star Gwendoline Christie who is known for her role as Brienne Maid of Tarth have also been added to “Star Wars 7”.

As you can see, the roles of the new cast are being kept secret for now but we’ll learn more later.

I am assuming though, that Lupita is gonna be the main female lead and she will probably steal the show. JJ is well known for creating interesting female characters and he’ll probably do that with Lupita. Is she gonna be a Jedi being mentored by Luke Skywalker? Wouldn’t surprise me if she’ll be the one with the light saber fighting Adam Driver’s villain character.


Star Wars 7 just started filming at Pinewood Studios in London…




As you can see filming for Star Wars 7 have finally begun!!! Also, notice how they are very careful at not revealing too much info with these photos. I’m almost positive that JJ does not allow the cast and crew to take photos and videos so mobile phones and other devices are not allowed in the studios so I don’t think you’re gonna see too much leaked photos of filming.

Only the official Star Wars page will reveal a little bit at a time. They’re still secretive on the “subtitle” too. I’m sure the subtitle is written on that clapboard in the first photo but as you can see, they wouldn’t show the whole thing.

I pray they do a good job with the film.



Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia shows off recent selfie…

Carrie Fisher just dropped this selfie pic of herself on twitter. She’s still in London filming “Star Wars Episode VII”??? Probably. As you can see she’s showing off a little cleavage and she has the big boobs.

After seeing this pic, they’ll definitely make Princess Leia hot and sexy again for “Star Wars VII”. Will she wear the bikini again to thrill the fans???

She does look a little different now than she did in the past. Did she get a little plastic surgery work done on her face over the years, though?

She’s still looking beautiful, though, don’t get me wrong.


JJ and Lawrence Kasdan gives fans Star Wars Day greeting…

This is pretty cool. JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan gives fans a Star Wars Greeting while they’re just starting work on “Episode VII”. They are STILL tight-lipped on the subtitle and synopsis but all they said was they are pretty excited to be working on the next movie. They look it too. You can tell by the look of their faces that they are pretty stoked! I mean hell, who wouldn’t be stoked? It’s freakin’ Star Wars, man!

Man, I was hoping for a Star Wars Day greeting from Mark, Harrison, and Carrie… that would have made Star Wars Day even more exciting!


I’m just happy that George Lucas is not involved with “Star Wars: Episode 7″…

Even if I’m kind of skeptical of JJ directing, “Star Wars: Episode VII”… I’m just very happy that George Lucas is not involved in any way. So good riddance! If George was involved with “Episode VII” whether directing, writing or producing… George would have ruined the next movie just like he ruined the prequels. George retiring for good is just a great opportunity to make it a better film with new people! You’ll see a major difference with George not being involved. I’m sure JJ will try to bring in some of George’s style in the next film but that’s gonna be hard to do. George’s style can’t be matched. JJ will have a hard time copying his style so most of the movie will end up being JJ’s style. You can betcha there will be plenty of CGI and lens flare effects which JJ is obsessed with. Even though George Lucas is not involved, I’m sure George will still help him a little bit. Maybe George will stop by when they’re filming and he could give everybody some quick filming tips??? He probably will visit the cast and crew on set.

I’m glad the next movie is not gonna be based upon the Expanded Universe stuff too. The Timothy Zahn books are great but I wouldn’t want JJ to make the next movie based on those books. I would want a completely new and original story too.

I’m sure JJ has what it takes to make everybody happy. He’ll make Star Wars fans proud. At least, I hope so. I hope JJ will make me proud and make me walk out of the theater with a big smile on my face. That’s what we need with Star Wars again.

I know it may seem pretty silly to bring all the characters back but come on, this is freakin’ Star Wars. If they made a sequel after “Jedi” and not bring any of the older characters back at all, then fans wouldn’t care about the new movie. This film is a Star Wars celebration. A blast from the past. They have to bring the original gang back and to mix it in with new characters too. I’m hoping and praying that JJ will make this a great Star Wars film. Could it be the best Star Wars film since, “Empire Strikes Back”???

I’m looking forward to seeing what Adam Driver’s villain character is gonna look like. He’s obviously gonna be a Sith character similar to Darth Vader and Darth Maul. Will Adam be wearing black armor and a costume or will he be wearing alien make-up? We’ll have to wait and see.

On a side note, if you want to see Daisy Ridley in her short film, “Blue Season” see the video below. Daisy Ridley is one of the new cast members in the casting photo JJ released, that’s who Carrie was talking to in the photo. From what I heard Daisy has never been in a big movie before. I think “Blue Season” is her first film. Star Wars is gonna make Daisy a huge star for sure.

I’m looking forward to seeing more “Episode VII” news on May the 4th this Sunday. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna reveal the subtitle and the synopsis next. Maybe they’ll reveal what characters the new cast will be playing too. I’m interested in seeing what role Max Von Sydow is playing. Sydow is probably either playing a Master Jedi for Luke or an imperial villain.


JJ Abrams not quite done casting for “Star Wars Episode VII”…

JJ Abrams may have finally revealed the casting of “Star Wars Episode VII” yesterday but that doesn’t mean he’s done casting yet. They are still in search of another female lead. They’re looking for an actress with a mixed race who is in her 20’s so that means this actress could end up being Lupita Nyong’o or Maisie Richardson-Sellers. Lupita still has a chance so she’s definitely not ruled-out yet.


I hope Lupita will get it. I just saw “12 Years A Slave” not too long ago through Netflix DVD rental and I thought the film was pretty amazing. She was great in that role. I think Lupita will make a great addition to Star Wars.

The question you have to ask is, what is “Star Wars Episode VII” planning to use a young black actress for? Like I said before, I read somewhere that this film will have a young black female as a Jedi so she’s not gonna be some princess used for a love interest. She’s going to be a major part of the story and will probably do a lot of action scenes. She will probably do plenty of light-saber combat.

The casting is still not done and I’m sure they will add more to the cast as time goes along so maybe Billy Dee still has a chance too?

Anyway, I’m very happy for all the new cast who get to be a part of this film. This gotta be exciting and thrilling for them. I’m sure the new cast are all big Star Wars fans like the rest of us. They gotta be pretty stoked to be in the same movie with Mark, Harrison, and Carrie so a big congratulations to all of them. I’m sure they will have a blast filming this movie.


“Star Wars Episode VII” cast revealed!!! Harrison, Mark and Carrie finally confirmed!!!

JJ just released this photo today surprisingly. Here is the new cast doing a table reading in London.

As you can see there is a mix of veterans and newbies in the cast.

The veterans seated are: Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Anthony Daniels (C3Po), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), and Kenny Baker (RSD2).

The newbies are: Oscar Isaac (“Inside Llewyn Davis”), Adam Driver (“Girls”), John Boyega (“Attack the Block”), Daisy Ridley, (“Blue Season”) and Domhnall Gleeson (“About Time”)

Look like Jesse Plemons and Lupita Nyong’o didn’t make the cut.

Since they just revealed the cast officially today… I’m assuming May the 4th this Sunday, they will reveal the “title” and the “plot”???

Carrie Fisher maybe looking different these days since she is older and gained some weight over the years but I’m sure they will find ways to get her to look like Princess Leia again. I remember Princess Leia was freakin’ hot in the original trilogy. With makeup, costumes, and hair stylists… they’ll make Princess Leia beautiful again. Carrie Fisher still is beautiful, though. Carrie is seated on the right, sitting next to Peter the Chewbacca actor. You can see Mark talking to an old guy with white hair. Harrison sitting next to JJ, of course.

Please don’t mess it up, JJ!!! Please!