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JJ Abrams not quite done casting for “Star Wars Episode VII”…

JJ Abrams may have finally revealed the casting of “Star Wars Episode VII” yesterday but that doesn’t mean he’s done casting yet. They are still in search of another female lead. They’re looking for an actress with a mixed race who is in her 20’s so that means this actress could end up being Lupita Nyong’o or Maisie Richardson-Sellers. Lupita still has a chance so she’s definitely not ruled-out yet.


I hope Lupita will get it. I just saw “12 Years A Slave” not too long ago through Netflix DVD rental and I thought the film was pretty amazing. She was great in that role. I think Lupita will make a great addition to Star Wars.

The question you have to ask is, what is “Star Wars Episode VII” planning to use a young black actress for? Like I said before, I read somewhere that this film will have a young black female as a Jedi so she’s not gonna be some princess used for a love interest. She’s going to be a major part of the story and will probably do a lot of action scenes. She will probably do plenty of light-saber combat.

The casting is still not done and I’m sure they will add more to the cast as time goes along so maybe Billy Dee still has a chance too?

Anyway, I’m very happy for all the new cast who get to be a part of this film. This gotta be exciting and thrilling for them. I’m sure the new cast are all big Star Wars fans like the rest of us. They gotta be pretty stoked to be in the same movie with Mark, Harrison, and Carrie so a big congratulations to all of them. I’m sure they will have a blast filming this movie.