Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia shows off recent selfie…

Carrie Fisher just dropped this selfie pic of herself on twitter. She’s still in London filming “Star Wars Episode VII”??? Probably. As you can see she’s showing off a little cleavage and she has the big boobs.

After seeing this pic, they’ll definitely make Princess Leia hot and sexy again for “Star Wars VII”. Will she wear the bikini again to thrill the fans???

She does look a little different now than she did in the past. Did she get a little plastic surgery work done on her face over the years, though?

She’s still looking beautiful, though, don’t get me wrong.


3 thoughts on “Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia shows off recent selfie…”

    1. Actually, looking at this photo, I think she’s quite capable of looking sexy as Princess Leia again. I think she’ll still look fine in an bikini or whatever. They’ll airbrush her and make her look all beautiful and sexy again. You’d be surprised… women around their 50’s – 60’s can still look hot when they’re half naked.


  1. I’ll talk dirty about women all I want to on here. If anybody finds it offensive, I don’t care. This is a no holds barred blog aka talk about whatever you want even sex and dirty talk.

    If women are posting revealing photos of their cleavages and stuff, chances are men are gonna comment on that stuff. That’s why women post photos like that to get men going crazy, they like that attention.

    Nobody tells me what I can and can’t post.


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