Is old age finally getting to Harrison??? I’d say yes…

It was kind of predictable that Harrison Ford is gonna get himself hurt somehow in the upcoming Star Wars films being that he is 71 and all. Even if it wasn’t an action stunt, he still got injured anyway! Well, I guess we can definitely confirm that Harrison and Chewie will be flying the Millennium Falcon once more time ’cause that’s what Harrison just got injured on. He got hurt by the opening of the door of the Millennium Falcon. If you’ve seen the original trilogy, you would know how the Falcon’s door opens. It opens from underdeath. I am thinking that Harrison tried to get on the Falcon as the door was coming down and it hit his ankle.

The injury doesn’t sound that serious so he would probably have to take a few days off of filming to heal up.

I think this is a sign of old age. He haven’t been on a Star Wars set in many many years so he probably wasn’t used to the Falcon.

I think there’s nothing to worry about, though. He’ll be back for more filming and I hope he’ll be more careful next time.


8 thoughts on “Is old age finally getting to Harrison??? I’d say yes…”

  1. I kind of cringe everytime I see Harrison Ford now. The dude has not aged gracefully, and whenever I see him stumble through an award presentation or interview, with that sad earring on his old droopy earlobe it destroys a little part of my childhood.

    1. I hear ya. Harrison is still working ’cause it’s pretty clear, he loves what he does. He’ll be making movies until he’s dead, trust me.


  2. I bet he’s in it for the money. He’s probably getting a boatload of cash. He always hated the Han Solo role. Begged George Lucas to kill him off. And for years, he always said he would never play that role again.

    But I don’t care. I’m glad he’s in. Wouldn’t be Star Wars without him.

  3. Just want to add, I didn’t mean anything disrespectful towards HF there. I think it’s one of his greatest roles. Dunno why he hates it so much. MUCH better than Indy, IMO.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think he hates the role at all. You’re just not understanding his dry sense of humor. He can be a bit of a smartass in his interviews and jokes a lot. A dry sense of humor is what I’m looking for. I think he loves playing the role.


      1. Another thing, I don’t think they’re gonna kill off Han Solo in “Episode VII” either ’cause I believe Han Solo will be in Episode 7, 8, and 9 as well. Harrison is signed for the new trilogy, I believe. Look it up.


      2. And I didn’t mean to delete your comment about it. It was a mistake and was by accident. I guess that’s what I get for deleting too many comments on here, lol.


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