More on bandcamp…

I was doing a little experimentation with bandcamp on how you are able to download albums from the site and throw bandcamp albums in your Itunes library so you can listen to your albums on your Ipods. I couldn’t download albums directly from bandcamp to the Ipod ’cause they don’t accept that for whatever reason but I figured out a way so you can sync your bandcamp albums to your Itunes library. Just make a new folder in the Itunes Media folder, unzip the file and copy the album into the media folder… then you would be able to import the album to your Itunes Library successfully.

I just tried this by downloading the latest album by local band, Lucky Jukebox Brigade which was a free album download by the way. With bandcamp you are able to download free albums without paying anything and you are able to sync it to your Ipods.

I think I will definitely release the internet album to bandcamp. When I do I’ll post the lyrics to each song on there too.

Keep in mind that the album sound quality is not gonna be 100% perfect but that’s the whole point. I’m just hoping to inspire people that albums don’t always have to be about perfection. You don’t need to record in an expensive studio when all you need is just a small and cheap recording rig. A good sounding computer or an Ipad w/ garageband is pretty much all you need. This is just good for acoustic music, anyways. If you’re gonna record with a full band, you might need a recording studio but recording acoustic music… home recording is good for that. This is gonna be a strictly homemade album.

Bandcamp is turning out to be an alright site after all. Maybe I will continue to release albums on that site on a regular basis.

I’ll do a full band rock n’ roll album someday… maybe that’ll be the next one. However, when I do the rock n’ roll album… it’ll be a real band with real musicians. It won’t be backed up by MIDI. It’ll probably be a three piece band with drums, bass and guitar/vocals. I’ll think about the rock n’ roll album for next year ’cause I always wanted to do one. That has always been my dream to make an in your face guitar rock record… full of thundering riffs and improvised jams… all that stuff.


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