Obama supports terrorism and Islam… WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been saying for a long time now that Obama supports terrorism and the Islam/Muslim religion. I find it very strange how people find that offensive. That’s the god damn truth. All the signs of Obama supporting terrorism and Islam is all out there. This stuff is well-documented. That’s what Benghazi was all about. That’s what releasing those 5 terrorists from Gitmo was about. That’s what Obama refusing to do anything about Isis in Iraq is all about too. I meant what I said that Obama is a freakin’ terrorist lover. He’s really starting to show it. He’s starting to show that he’s hating America and wants to transform us into a Muslim state. Isis is doing just that in Iraq right now. It’s no surprise that Obama would do nothing about Isis take-over in Iraq. It’s pretty serious stuff. The U.S. military should respond to something like that. If Bush was president right now, he would get right on it and send US troops to stop Isis. Obama refuses to do something about it ’cause he probably supports Isis and he’s loving what they’re doing over there. What’s stopping Isis from turning the United States into a terrorist state? That’s why something needs to be done.

If these aren’t good enough signs that Obama supports terrorism, violence and killing people then you are the most naive, delusional and misinformed people I’ve ever come across.

Obama is a freakin’ Muslim lunatic… he’s not fooling anyone. Most of us know.

I wish liberals would stop siding with this evil son of a bitch and supporting him ’cause when they do they are supporting terrorists too.

Some of you may ask, if Obama hates America so much why would he become president? Well, even if nobody knows… most of us think he had a pretty bad childhood and he might hate America for it. This is just his way of retaliation and revenge. Something happened to him in his past that made him out to be this way. Not sure what it is.

If you think Obama is a patriot and loves America… then you’re so wrong on that. Watch all of his past speeches… especially all the speeches when he’s talking to the vets. He’s president ’cause he has a mission with our country and I still believe he’s desperately trying to turn us into a Muslim state and all of his crimes and scandals is just his way of doing it. It maybe hard to see but he doesn’t want the public to know his plan.

For the rest of his 2nd term, he’s just gonna keep getting worse and worse. We really gotta do something about this guy before terrorists and illegal aliens will take over this country. He’s releasing all of these dangerous people ’cause he knows what he’s doing and knows what he wants. He wants to kill us all.

Wake up, America. You’ll be glad that you did.


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