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JJ is just joking about leaked photos…



When JJ released this photo calling out the spies leaking the photos to the internet of “Star Wars Episode VII”, I think JJ is just being sarcastic and joking a bit in his little rant there. I mean look at where he taped that note on??? That large piece of metal with the red lights on it. Don’t you think maybe that’s part of the Millennium Falcon??? I think this message is just one of his cryptic teasers. Just one of his weird secrecy stuff, if ya know what I mean.

I know he can’t do anything about leaked photos ’cause that the way the internet and technology is, these days. People are gonna keep leaking photos.

I’m sure we’re gonna see leaked photos of Harrison, Mark, Carrie, Lupita and Gwendoline on set real soon.


Look like Han and Chewy will be flying Millennium Falcon one more time!!!

I hate TMZ like the next person but I thought this would be worth posting. TMZ exclusively reveals which looks like a photo of the construction of the Millennium Falcon for “Star Wars Episode 7” at Pinewood Studios. Look like we are gonna see Han and Chewy back in action again!

I wonder if we’re gonna see the return of Tie Fighters and other Empire war ships. We’re definitely gonna see some epic space battles in “Episode VII” for sure!