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What is Chewie screaming about in this new “The Force Awakens” still???

Edit to add: Actually this still isn’t from “The Force Awakens” at all. It’s a still from the “Empire Strikes Back” when Chewie got mad that the door closed ’cause Han Solo didn’t come back to base. My bad. I remember that scene too.


Chewbacca revealed in latest “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” charity video…

JJ has been doing a lot of charity work for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and he just released a new video, thanking fans for taking part in Unicef. Here is the cast and crew saying “thank you”.

Chewbacca is revealed with Peter Mayhew in costume and all. Even if Episode 7 is taken place 35 years after Jedi, Chewie still looks the same, he hasn’t aged a bit. Chewie still looks good, though.

Still though, JJ won’t show Harrison, Mark and Carrie… I don’t see any of them in this video, do you??? Why is JJ being secretive on the original trio? He probably doesn’t wanna give away too much this soon.


Look like Han and Chewy will be flying Millennium Falcon one more time!!!

I hate TMZ like the next person but I thought this would be worth posting. TMZ exclusively reveals which looks like a photo of the construction of the Millennium Falcon for “Star Wars Episode 7” at Pinewood Studios. Look like we are gonna see Han and Chewy back in action again!

I wonder if we’re gonna see the return of Tie Fighters and other Empire war ships. We’re definitely gonna see some epic space battles in “Episode VII” for sure!



Chewbacca is returning for “Star Wars 7″… played by original actor Peter Mayhew…

Here is your first official casting announcement for JJ Abrams, “Star Wars Episode 7”. It has been announced that Chewbacca will be returning played by it’s original actor, Peter Mayhew. Even though the Disney chairman, Alan Horn, have said they have many actors signed on for the film… they are still being secretive on the cast. One have been confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter:


This is getting even closer to the fact that everybody from the original trilogy is returning. That includes Han, Leia, Luke, and Lando.

When will Disney/Lucasfilm finally announce the full cast? May the 4th possibly? They’re still being secretive on the plot and title too. It’s no surprise that Chewbacca would be in. Just shows that Harrison is definitely in ’cause there can’t be a Chewie without Han.

I’m looking forward to seeing who the new and young cast will be too. Will Lupita Nyong’o and Jesse Plemons be in?

I’d like to see the return of Boba Fett but he can’t after what happened to him in “Return of the Jedi” but I’m pretty sure they’ll create another character similar to him, though.

I hope JJ don’t let us down with this one like he did with “Star Trek Into Darkness”.