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JJ and Lawrence Kasdan gives fans Star Wars Day greeting…

This is pretty cool. JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan gives fans a Star Wars Greeting while they’re just starting work on “Episode VII”. They are STILL tight-lipped on the subtitle and synopsis but all they said was they are pretty excited to be working on the next movie. They look it too. You can tell by the look of their faces that they are pretty stoked! I mean hell, who wouldn’t be stoked? It’s freakin’ Star Wars, man!

Man, I was hoping for a Star Wars Day greeting from Mark, Harrison, and Carrie… that would have made Star Wars Day even more exciting!


JJ Abrams says the “Star Wars: Episode 7” script is done but I’m getting kind of skeptical…

JJ Abrams says the script for “Star Wars: Episode 7” is done finally and they’re gonna go full steam ahead which I think he’s saying they’re gonna start filming soon. He’s also not gonna film the new Star Wars in IMAX as he claims that they are loud cameras and they are not right to do intimate scenes with which is kind of funny ’cause JJ used to be obsessed with IMAX but he doesn’t like IMAX anymore?

Anyway, I’m getting pretty skeptical of “Star Wars 7” after seeing “Star Trek Into Darkness”. Now that JJ has jumped aboard to write the script himself after the previous writer left, I don’t know how good the script is gonna be. The script to “Star Trek Into Darkness” was an absolute disaster so hopefully “Star Wars 7” won’t be the same. Since Lawrence Kasdan helped JJ with the script… maybe that’ll help make the script for “Star Wars 7” better but I don’t know. JJ maybe an okay film maker but his writing has problems. Hopefully, him and Kasdan will do Star Wars justice.

Yes, “Episode 7” will be full of CGI and lens flare indeed but I hope it’s a good story. Even though the script is done you can see that JJ is still being secretive on the plot. Is this movie a return for all the original Star Wars gang? Like everyone else, I’m expecting that too after JJ confirmed R2 the droid will be in it. Han, Leia, Luke, Lando, Chewbacca, etc. They’ll all come back.

Hopefully they leave the Ewoks out of it, though. I have a feeling “Episode VII” will leave right off from “Return of the Jedi”. Could “Episode VII” start off on Endor where “Jedi” left off?

I’m more interested on who the new villain is gonna be. Shouldn’t be Vader. Should be somebody new. A return of Master Palpatine is still possible, though. He could have survived that fall after Vader threw him off at the end of “Jedi”. I’m hoping “Episode 7” is gonna be good.

More on the story, here.


JJ Abrams will take over writing duties for “Star Wars 7” along with Lawrence Kasdan to help out…

Michael Arndt was originally hired to write, “Star Wars 7” but it appears that Lucasfilm/Disney have hired new writers to take over. They are JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan. JJ Abrams is still directing, “Star Wars 7”, he will do both writing and directing. Lawrence Kasdan will help him out. As some of you Star Wars geeks out there may already know, Lawrence helped out with the writing for “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”.

I’m honestly skeptical of JJ jumping aboard for writing duties ’cause JJ is a horrible screenwriter. He ruined “Star Trek”, “Mission Impossible” and many of his own TV shows. He has even ruined “Lost”. His show, “Lost” started off really good but the show ended pretty badly. It’s a good thing JJ isn’t the only writer for “Star Wars 7”.

The synopsis for “Star Wars 7” is still unknown at this time but we’ll find out soon. Will this movie leave right off from where “Return of the Jedi” ended? Will Luke, Han, and Leia return?

Lets hope they do a real good job with the movie and hope they give what the Star Wars fans want. JJ is a massive Star Wars fan. He seems to know about the franchise better than anybody so I hope he’ll do it justice.

Don’t be surprised if “Star Wars 7” turns out to be garbage, though. After the crappy “Star Wars” prequels and the crap “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, it’s hard to take anything these guys do seriously.

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