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“Star Wars: Episode VII” release date announced for Dec. 18th, 2015…

Welp, apparently Disney and Lucasfilm are in a big rush for “Star Wars 7” as they promised long ago. They confirmed a release date for Dec. 18th, 2015, and if you think about it… that’s not so far up ahead. Do you think JJ can make a good Star Wars movie in a year??? Read the press release, here.

The title and synopsis is still not yet known but we’ll know soon enough. Now that they have a director, writers, composer (John Williams), and a release date… they should start casting soon. So we will soon know whether or not Harrison, Mark and Carrie are returning. I think there’s a 100% chance of them returning. They claim they haven’t been signed yet but I think it’s a lie so they won’t reveal too many surprises. I think the original trio signed as soon as Lucas sold Lucas film to Disney.

What will the next movie be like? It’s gonna be interesting to find out who the main villain will be. Hopefully, they won’t bring Darth Vader back. We need a new and original villain. I’m sure C3P0 and R2D2 will return. Chewbacca will come back as well… maybe Lando? I hope Han Solo will reunite with his Millennium Falcon ’cause that would be pretty badass! I’m sure we’ll get lightsaber fights, spaceship battles and the usual family/friendly stuff for the kids.

I hope JJ will do a good job and don’t mess it up. One thing to keep in mind, there’s going to be lens flare all over the film, though. You know how JJ is obsessed with that.


JJ Abrams will take over writing duties for “Star Wars 7” along with Lawrence Kasdan to help out…

Michael Arndt was originally hired to write, “Star Wars 7” but it appears that Lucasfilm/Disney have hired new writers to take over. They are JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan. JJ Abrams is still directing, “Star Wars 7”, he will do both writing and directing. Lawrence Kasdan will help him out. As some of you Star Wars geeks out there may already know, Lawrence helped out with the writing for “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”.

I’m honestly skeptical of JJ jumping aboard for writing duties ’cause JJ is a horrible screenwriter. He ruined “Star Trek”, “Mission Impossible” and many of his own TV shows. He has even ruined “Lost”. His show, “Lost” started off really good but the show ended pretty badly. It’s a good thing JJ isn’t the only writer for “Star Wars 7”.

The synopsis for “Star Wars 7” is still unknown at this time but we’ll find out soon. Will this movie leave right off from where “Return of the Jedi” ended? Will Luke, Han, and Leia return?

Lets hope they do a real good job with the movie and hope they give what the Star Wars fans want. JJ is a massive Star Wars fan. He seems to know about the franchise better than anybody so I hope he’ll do it justice.

Don’t be surprised if “Star Wars 7” turns out to be garbage, though. After the crappy “Star Wars” prequels and the crap “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, it’s hard to take anything these guys do seriously.

Deadline reports.


Report: Harrison Ford finally responds to Star Wars 7, says he’s looking forward to it but not in the bag yet…

Harrison has been silent on Star Wars 7 involvement ever since Disney announced they bought Lucasfilm and moving forward with three more Star Wars flicks, but Harrison himself finally speaks out about it. It was a brief statement. Even though, he finally confirms that he’s interested and maybe involved, it’s still not a confirmation.

I think Harrison has already been secretly hired and already signed for the role, he’s just not allowed to talk about it until Lucasfilm makes the announcement themselves. He just gave us a small hint that he maybe in it. I think he definitely will be reprising his role as Han Solo. It sure is going to be interesting to see JJ and Harrison work together.

More on the story, here.


Report: Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher finally in negotiations for “Star Wars 7” but what about Lando???

All three of them has reportedly said, they were willing to return to their roles for the next, “Star Wars” film, but none of them have signed contracts yet. Look like they are finally getting close to a deal ’cause anonymous sources say, the three cast members are in negotiations to reprise their roles.

While it’s exciting news that Han, Leia, and Luke are returning but what about Lando? So far, Billy Dee Williams have been silent about the new Star Wars. We haven’t heard anything from him. So far, Disney/Lucasfilm haven’t even asked, Billy Dee. So I’m hoping, Lando, will come back being played by the same actor. If they don’t get Lando at all, I expect the Star Wars geeks to start online petitions. I hope they don’t ignore Lando, ’cause he was a cool character.

I know a lot of people are skeptical of JJ doing Star Wars, but I think he’ll do it justice. I hope the new movies will still have the same vibe of the original trilogy, but of course, it will also have a current feel with today’s technology.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing how they’re gonna pull this off. It’s pretty intriguing to me.

Read the news, here.


I’m glad JJ Abrams is not doing Star Wars 7, and here’s why…

For some weird reason, Star Wars fans picked JJ Abrams to direct the upcoming new, “Star Wars 7”. I can totally see why, because his version of “Star Trek”, really felt like a “Star Wars” movie. I think the reason he said he’s not doing Star Wars is because he simply stated that he was a big fan of Star Wars more than Star Trek. He admitted to not being a Star Trek fan at all when growing up, he didn’t know anything about the series, which made his version of “Star Trek” for what it is, a great film. If he knew a lot about Star Trek, then the film would have been different. If he did Star Wars, then his take on Star Wars, wouldn’t be as good as Star Trek. Kind of hard to explain but I think you get it. JJ just said, he’ll still support the new movie but he’ll be there as a fan.

I agree that JJ won’t be the right fit. The way his film style is, doesn’t seem right. He uses way too much lens flare. The picture of his films are pretty dark, and there’s a lot of shaky cameras. Do you honestly want to see all of that with the new Star Wars movie? On top of this, JJ Abrams is so overrated as hell. I liked his work with “Star Trek” and “MI: III” but that’s about all. I hate how JJ is everywhere in Hollywood and TV shows. Basically, his popularity in the mainstream, all started with the “LOST” TV show. That’s why that guy is so huge.

He’s an okay film maker, it’s just that there is better out there. I’m not that crazy about his work. I don’t want Steven Spielberg doing it either, he would ruin, Star Wars.

They shouldn’t pick a big name director for Star Wars. They should pick an unknown director, who is new to film making. Pick someone who doesn’t know a lot about the Star Wars universe ’cause that helps makes the movie good when a director is not much of a fan.


“Star Wars 7” casting and it’s director…

Now that “Star Wars 7” is confirmed, people are already talking about who to write it, direct it, and star in it. As for who to star in it. They are naming other actors to play the original characters from the original trilogy. If they replace the original actors, that’s going to be so wrong and disrespectful to the Star Wars legacy. Luke, Leia, Han, Lando, etc. They all need to be played by the original actors. If they replace those characters with new actors, I wouldn’t be interested. They maybe getting old but this is science fiction, anything is possible. I can’t see a Star Wars movie without Mark, Carrie, Harrison and Billy Dee in the cast. I would think they’ll be reprising their roles.

As for the director, a lot of people are naming such ridiculous choices such as JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan, Kevin Smith, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, etc. Really people? Those guys are not going to want anything to do with these movies. Leave JJ Abrams out of this, ’cause he already has the Star Trek reboot. He doesn’t need another big franchise.

As for my choice on who direct it, they should just hire an unknown director, not a big name. We don’t need a big name director hogging the Star Wars spotlight, you know? Back when Star Wars IV: “A New Hope” was made, George Lucas was an unknown back then. George directed all Star Wars movies except for “Empire Strike Back” and “Return of the Jedi”. The directors for “Empire” and “Jedi” were unknown directors. They’ll probably keep it like that with the new movies. A big name director is just going to overshadow the film’s cast.

While, I’m sure it’s possible to bring back Vader and Palpatine, I would suggest they create new leading villains. I’m sure they will.

Even if George Lucas, no longer wants to be involved, I’m sure he’ll still help and give the new team, story ideas a little bit. It’s going to be interesting to see what they’re gonna do with the new “Star Wars”. I’m sure it’s gonna be action packed with a lot of lightsaber battles, and I’m sure we’ll see some tie fighter out of space fights too. More importantly, they need to make the story right. So I hope they do a good job with the writing. I’m just intrigued by the idea of what Luke’s life will be like after, “Jedi”. I hope they don’t disappoint. They better do it good and not mess it up.


Edit to add: The “Heir to the Empire” writer, Timothy Zahn, has some great ideas. I like his idea of the original actors having smaller roles. I like the family thing. Read this interesting article at Entertainment Weekly, here.