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I’m glad JJ Abrams is not doing Star Wars 7, and here’s why…

For some weird reason, Star Wars fans picked JJ Abrams to direct the upcoming new, “Star Wars 7”. I can totally see why, because his version of “Star Trek”, really felt like a “Star Wars” movie. I think the reason he said he’s not doing Star Wars is because he simply stated that he was a big fan of Star Wars more than Star Trek. He admitted to not being a Star Trek fan at all when growing up, he didn’t know anything about the series, which made his version of “Star Trek” for what it is, a great film. If he knew a lot about Star Trek, then the film would have been different. If he did Star Wars, then his take on Star Wars, wouldn’t be as good as Star Trek. Kind of hard to explain but I think you get it. JJ just said, he’ll still support the new movie but he’ll be there as a fan.

I agree that JJ won’t be the right fit. The way his film style is, doesn’t seem right. He uses way too much lens flare. The picture of his films are pretty dark, and there’s a lot of shaky cameras. Do you honestly want to see all of that with the new Star Wars movie? On top of this, JJ Abrams is so overrated as hell. I liked his work with “Star Trek” and “MI: III” but that’s about all. I hate how JJ is everywhere in Hollywood and TV shows. Basically, his popularity in the mainstream, all started with the “LOST” TV show. That’s why that guy is so huge.

He’s an okay film maker, it’s just that there is better out there. I’m not that crazy about his work. I don’t want Steven Spielberg doing it either, he would ruin, Star Wars.

They shouldn’t pick a big name director for Star Wars. They should pick an unknown director, who is new to film making. Pick someone who doesn’t know a lot about the Star Wars universe ’cause that helps makes the movie good when a director is not much of a fan.