Harrison Ford’s injury halts filming for “Star Wars Episode VII” for two weeks…

JJ Abrams and the cast & crew of “Star Wars: Episode VII” have decided to halt filming for two weeks so they can give Harrison Ford more time to heal. While announcing the film’s break, they just signed two new cast members to join the film. Don’t get too excited though ’cause the two new cast members are completely unknowns.


A lot of people want to blame Harrison’s old age like I mistakenly did. Maybe I was wrong to blame Harrison’s age. I mean, the accident might not be Harrison’s fault but maybe it was the film crew’s fault, they weren’t actually paying attention.

Man, that’s gotta really suck when an actor gets signed for a huge role and then he gets injured when starting to work.

Hopefully, they’ll be more careful next time when Harrison returns.


2 thoughts on “Harrison Ford’s injury halts filming for “Star Wars Episode VII” for two weeks…”

  1. Accidents happen – can’t blame it on age or even carelessness….even the youngest, strongest people and up breaking bones during what would be considered rather innocuous situations.

    1. I agree with that. Everyone wants to blame Harrison’s age but movie accidents happen all of the time. This wasn’t the first time Harrison suffered an injury on set of a film. I’m sure he hurt himself many times especially the Indiana Jones movies.


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