More on the Olympics… Fab 5 vs. Russia…

To make things more clear and to explain it better… now I’m not exactly saying that the Fab 5 should go over to their opponents to hug/shake hands or whatever right after a game is over with. What I really mean is that they really need to show that they care. Most athletes in the Olympics do care about their opponents from other countries. Most US athletes are passionate and respectful of other countries. I’ve seen it. I’m sure everyone else had too. They don’t exactly go over to shake hands or hug but they do show ways of caring. When the medals are given, hands are usually shaken as a way to show them respect at the end.

There was something about the Fab 5 that didn’t seem right. Russia was full of emotion and guilt. Crying in tears, and most of the Russian girls were very young, they look like they were 14 or 15. The Fab 5 girls maybe a little older. The Fab 5 girls didn’t even look at the Russian girls. There wasn’t a sign of respect from the US team at all toward Russia, instead they were all over themselves as if they were in a god damn slumber party, while Russia cried their eyes out. Know what I mean? They don’t necessarily have to shake hands or hug, but at least be compassionate for the losing team. Give them a nod of respect or apologize or something. Just something to make them feel better, but the girls in the Fab 5 didn’t do shit. They just let them suffer. Cruel. Just cruel.

There’s too much hate and bullying everywhere, and it even happens in the Olympics sometimes. I like the what the girls in the Fab 5 did, they were incredible young athletes, can’t deny that. They were just too excited for their gold medal win earlier this week, that they didn’t care about anything else around them. It was their ego. That’s what it is.

At least Michael Phelps shows sympathy to the people he races with, he has class.