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Will we ever get a human mission to Mars? I’m sure we will but not right away…

After reading the book and seeing the movie to “The Martian”, will we ever get a man mission to Mars? I’m sure we will but it won’t be right away. It’ll take many more years to figure it out, though.

For one, Mars is way too far from Earth. They would need a vehicle that is capable of travelling to Mars safely. It could be a very dangerous trip to get there. They would need to find a way to protect themselves from all that radiation and stuff like that. Mars is like 54.6 million kilometers from Earth which is pretty damn far. They did send probes over there but it can take between 200 to 300 days to get it over there.

A manned mission to Mars will be very difficult. It’ll be difficult to leave Earth to travel to Mars and it’ll be difficult for Astronauts to survive. Meaning needing lots of fuel, supplies, food, etc.

When they actually get to Mars, they would need to build a good enough protective suit where it can be safe to walk around on Mars ’cause you never know how dangerous it is. You can’t just put on any random astronaut suit and walk around Mars ’cause it could kill you. You’ll have to know what the air is gonna be like and everything else. Plus there’s all kinds of dust storms on the planet as well. You don’t know how safe it is to walk around on the ground on Mars.

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Mars is an extremely cold planet so they would need an astronaut suit that is warm enough to walk around on which the technology could be difficult and challenging.

If they were to do a manned mission to Mars, they would need to do a lot of testing so I would think they would start sending animals over there first.

Travelling to Mars, landing on Mars and leaving Mars would all be pretty risky so it’s gonna take years of investigation. Sending all those probes over there is just the beginning of it. NASA was successful at travelling to the Moon ’cause it was easier and closer.

We’ll probably get a real life Mark Watney sometime in the future but not at this time.


Why it’s impossible for humans to go to Mars…

I remember a long while back in my blog — maybe last year or the year before — I was trying to explain that humans won’t be going to Mars anytime soon. I tried explaining to you guys that going to Mars will not be as easy as going to the Moon was. Astronauts was able to travel to the moon safely well ’cause it was easier. Mars would be more difficult and challenging. Sure, I’m sure astronauts can successfully go to Mars, explore the planet’s surface, and leave the planet alive; however, you may not survive when you return to Earth. Why? Radiation is key. It means humans can get cancer travelling to and from Mars. I tried explaining how dangerous it would be to go to Mars but sure enough people had exact opposites of opinion and they think going to Mars would be a piece of cake. If you really think that, then you’re delusional.

In order for humans to travel to Mars safely it would take years and years of research and investigation. While NASA and Russia both have been investigating ways of how humans can go to Mars, this is only the beginning. It’s only getting started. It takes small baby steps to get there so getting to Mars safely won’t happen overnight.

They are able to send probes and robots to Mars ’cause they’re obviously not living things. Even if they are able to figure out a way for humans to travel to Mars safer, you just never how dangerous it would be on the planet surface as well. You can’t just wear a regular astronaut suit and walk around the surface. This is not Star Trek or those whacky sci-fi films where humans can stand on any planet as they please.

So when will we get our first human to step on Mars? I would say not for another 100 years or probably never at all. The planet surface may seem like it’s safe to walk around but you never know that there could be dangerous life-forms on that planet that could kill you easily. I’m not saying that there could be aliens like from the movies on Mars but they could have lifeforms in chemical form. You never know how dangerous the air is or the planet’s temperature and all that stuff. It may have been discovered that the planet has water and ice but that still doesn’t mean it’s a possibility that it could be safe.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see our first human step on Mars. It would be an amazing and history making moment but it won’t happen anytime soon or never at all. It is fun to investigate the planets surface with the probes though. NASA is just starting to explain that going to Mars would be impossible because of the radiation like I’ve been saying a long time ago.

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More on the Mission To Mars…

I’ve talked about the topic of Mars before on my site. A lot of people mistakenly believe that it would be pretty easy for NASA to travel to Mars and have a human being step on Mars safely, without any harm and successfully leave the planet after exploring it. If you think it’s easy, why don’t you try it. Go to MARS yourself and step on the planet, I’m positive you would be dead in a flash

I can think of several reasons why Mars would be a dangerous planet, and why it would take years and years of investigation for a human being to successfully step on Mars for the first time.

  • The planet could either be cold or hot at the same time – Yeah, I know that the further a planet is away from the sun the colder it gets, but Mars sounds like it may be pretty hot at times too since the planet could be volcanic. There has been lava flow sightings on the planet before as I said.
  • The planet could have dangerous dust storms – The planet is very dusty and dirty, there’s very strong winds on the planet at times, which I bet a human being couldn’t handle no matter what kind of astronaut suit you wear.
  • There could be aliens on the planet – You may say there’s no such thing but there could be lifeforms on the planet. You may never know what’s around.
  • Mars has a pretty thin atmosphere – There you go, here’s the big reason why it would be impossible to make it on Mars. It’s said that it’s full of methane which could be dangerous for human, could cause asphyxiation.
  • Radiation – That’s another big one, the cosmic rays. I read that could give humans cancer.
  • Food and Shelter – How is NASA going to survive without food and shelter on MARS? That maybe pretty risky if you think about it.
  • The air may not be safe to breathe, not enough for a human to take – I’m sure NASA would build a breathe-able enough suit where you can survive on Mars, but still pretty risky.

I can go on people. If you think it’s easy for NASA to send someone over to step on Mars, then you’re delusional. It would probably happen someday, yes, like I said, but it won’t happen anytime soon. It’ll probably happen in 2030 or later. In my opinion, we don’t have the technology to do it right now.

It’s not easy as some of you think it is. I would like it to happen yes, it would be wonderful. I’m sure other planets in our solar system are just as dangerous too. Just wanted to give you a bit of a reality check.