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The mighty Slayer performs on Jimmy Fallon again and they killed it! WOW!

We really need more metal in this world. Not a lot of people know that metal still exists ’cause pop music, rap/hip hop and country are still dominating the music industry. Even though I don’t watch Jimmy Fallon anymore… I’m very proud and happy for him that he tries to give metal more recognition.

Slayer is one of my favorite bands and I’ve been listening to them for a long while now; I have six albums by them including their latest, “Repentless”. Slayer is the epitome of what true metal sounds like. \m/

I never saw Slayer live in concert myself but I’ve always wanted to and one day I will. They’re a great band. Metal needs another takeover in the music industry and it can happen. It seems that Jimmy is a fan of heavy music which is cool.

It may seem a bit unexpected of Jimmy to have Slayer  on his show but maybe he’s a huge fan of that band himself? The video above is a phenomenal performance. I’m sure just by having Slayer on Jimmy’s show introduced them to a lot newer fans. There’s a lot of music listeners who are still hung up on pop, rap and country so of course some are gonna be shocked to see Jimmy have Slayer on.


Slayer’s “Reign In Blood” album celebrates 30 years today…

Some of you know that I’m a huge fan of metal and Slayer is one of my favorite bands. I’ve heard all of Slayer’s albums. Yep, their entire discography and I only own about 6 of their albums myself. Slayer celebrates 30 years of “Reigning Blood” today which to me is their best studio album and I always found myself listening to this one the most. It’s definitely their best record for sure. Congrats to Slayer on 30 years of their iconic album. Slayer is a great band.


Finally listened to the rest of Slayer’s albums this week…

Thanks to Apple Music, I finally got around to finish listening to the rest of Slayer’s catalog. I try to listen to as much music as possible by the band by buying their music from the Itunes store but now that the streaming service is here, I finally got to listen to the rest of their discography. Out of all the 12 albums Slayer did over the years which albums do I think is the best?

I’d have to say that their newest one, “Repentless” is their best album in their entire career with “Reign In Blood” being a close second. “Reign In Blood” is obviously another classic Slayer album as well but “Repentless” is their best record, hands down. All their albums are great, of course but those two are the best, in my opinion. If you’re a Slayer fan yourself, I’m sure you would agree yourself.

I love Slayer. Even though all they play is fast thrashy music most of the time, they’re still listenable and very enjoyable. Slayer is a badass band, though. They’ve always have been. How did I get drawn into listening to them? Well, I saw their performance on the Metallica “Big 4” DVD w/ Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax. Before the “Big 4” stuff, I never listened to Slayer before that and that’s what made me start getting into them.

They’re a fun and enjoyable band. Tom Araya is a great singer and bass player plus the rest of the band is great as well. I like Kerry King even though that guy can be a bit of an egomaniac sometimes.


Slayer finally hits the studio to record their 11th album!!!

Slayer revealed with this photo that they are in the studio recording their 11th new album which maybe released sometime in 2015. As you can see, that is the back of Kerry King’s bald head. Slayer haven’t recorded a new album since 2009’s “World Painted Blood” so yeah, it’s been a long while since they recorded new material.

I’m a really big Slayer fan. They’re an awesome band but I’m kind of skeptical of what they’re gonna sound like without their longtime guitarist and founder, Jeff Hanneman on guitar. As some of you already know, Jeff passed away not too long ago, RIP btw. I’ve got 4 of their albums and still got more of their albums to get, though.

They’re a fun band to listen to. I’ve always enjoyed listening to them. Hopefully the band still has it without Jeff. Jeff was an important member of Slayer ’cause he wrote most of the band’s material over the years so Slayer’s writing maybe a little different now. I’ll wait to hear a few songs off of the new album and then I’ll make a decision on whether or not I’ll get it. I’m sure they’re gonna stream the whole album online before it’s released, I’ll listen to it then.


Why it would be a good idea for Slayer to break up…

Slayer is one of the greatest thrash metal bands of all time. Fans have been expecting Slayer to hit the studio again to record their follow up to, “World Painted Blood”, but due to the tragic passing of Jeff Hanneman, I think it’s time for Slayer to call it quit. Why? It should be what is right for Jeff. Jeff is one of the founding members of Slayer, and that dude is simply irreplaceable. They had a great career and they grew quite a legacy over the years; so it would be a great time to hang it up. I don’t think it would be right for them to continue under the “Slayer” name. If the surviving members want to continue to make albums and tour then they should just change their band name. I mean Jeff was the one who formed Slayer with Kerry King. Maybe Jeff would want them to continue on, who knows. Jeff certainly was a guitar playing great and he was an interesting guy when not playing music. He was probably the most interesting out of all the members in Slayer. If the band wants to earn more respect, then they should hang it up out of respect for Jeff.

That’s what Led Zeppelin did when John Bonham died. Slayer should do the same thing. I think it’s disrespectful when an iconic musician dies in a band and they just continue like Alice In Chains. Slayer may not have been as big as Metallica but they did had a great career. I was pretty late getting into Slayer, honestly. I started getting into them after their Big 4 stuff with Metallica. Then I bought 4 of Slayers albums in Itunes; now it makes me want to collect the rest of their albums.

I’m sure we’ll hear an announcement from Slayer soon on whether or not they’ll continue without Jeff. There can’t be Slayer without Jeff ’cause he is Slayer. Period. End of story. I admire Slayer so much ’cause they were great songwriters and they played their instruments good. They knew what true thrash metal is all about and they played it better than any other metal band. They knew how it was done. Hopefully they do the right thing and hang up the mics.


RIP: Jeff Hanneman 1964 – 2013

Today’s a sad day in the world of music, especially for the metal industry. The iconic thrash metal band, Slayer, has lost their founding member and longtime guitarist. I am a fan of Slayer. I absolutely love them. I own several of their albums in my Itunes library. They are good to listen for my workouts at the gym and doing outside cardio. I own their latest album, “World Painted Blood”. I also own their albums “Season of the Abyss”, “Reign In Blood”, and maybe a few others; I forgot the names of them. I also have the Big 4 DVD with Slayer performing on it. I’m devastated of this passing; kind of heartbroken about this one.

In 2011, Jeff left Slayer to cut down on full-time touring because he started to have health problems but he did play at Metallica’s Big 4 show, though. It was a disease called nercrotizing fasciitis. Even though he has died of liver failure, it is not known if this is related to that disease. I don’t want to jump to conclusions on anything.

Slayer has always been a favorite metal band of mine as well. That band can be pretty addicting to listen to and you always found yourself going back to listen to their music. That’s how I always been. I never got to saw them live but always wanted to though. Now, I wonder if Slayer will continue on without him. They probably will ’cause they continued to tour without Jeff because of his health problems. If they decide to break up and call it quit in honor of him, that would be understandable.

In my opinion, Jeff Hanneman is irreplaceable. The guy was a genius metal guitarist. He could play both lead guitar and rhythm guitar amazingly. There are no other metal guitarists like him these days. Jeff Hanneman is Slayer. While the other guys in the band are great musicians too, Jeff would be the one to pay attention to the most. My condolences go out to the band Slayer, Jeff’s family/friends, the fans and the rest of the metal community. Jeff Hanneman was 49 years old.



Why Metallica needs the respect they deserve…

Seems like Metallica is America’s most hated band. They have a lot of haters, especially on the internet. There are many reasons why people hate Metallica. Basically, all the hate toward Metallica began when Lars Ulrich, threatened to sue Napster back in the day. Also the Metallica hate never stopped when they changed their style of music for the albums, “Load”, “Re-load”, and, “St. Anger”.

When they released their latest album, “Death Magnetic”, a few years ago, Metallica tried their best to give what the fans wanted all along. Thrash metal. That’s exactly what the band did, they gave us the return of thrash/speed metal for “Death Magnetic”. Most people are happy with the album, but of course, some aren’t. A lot of people complain, “Death Magnetic”, for a few reasons. They all say they can’t hear Rob Trujillo’s bass playing and they accused the album of being, “clipped”, in Pro Tools.

Metallica, then did the Big 4 shows with Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth, to help keep the metal fanbase going. Of course, I’m sure Metallica is being hated on for that as well. I’m sure they’re being accused of being ego’s, attention whores or they’re just doing Big 4 shows for the money alone, but I disagree with all those.

Next here comes the Lou Reed & Metallica project which they will release an album together called, “LuLu”. A lot of people say this is the worst collaboration in the history of music. Why? Because it’s Metallica. Like I said before, people call them bad guys at almost everything they want to do.

Metallica needs to be respected. Love ’em or hate ’em, they are the kings of metal, period. You may like your other metal bands (like Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Ac/Dc, etc.), but they are not in Metallica’s league. Metallica is pretty much the only metal band who is capable enough of writing memorable songs that are catchy and they can’t leave your head. Metallica is this generation of the Beatles, if you know what I mean by that. They had too many singles that you still hear on the radio today. How many other metal bands get their songs played on the radio? Not too many. Yes, I’m sure other metal bands have got their songs played on the radio many times before, Metallica are the kings of radio.

There are Metallica fans that would only support them for their earlier music in the 80’s they did with Cliff Burton and not like their new music. There are also Metallica fans who would like everything they do (like myself).

Here is a short list of why Metallica needs to be respected.

  • They had a legendary career – They toured with just about every metal band you can think of. They’ve been on the top of the Billboard charts for a lot of their stuff. Their career is so historic and they are special in a lot of ways. Did any other band had a legendary career like they did? Well the only bands that can almost top them are Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth, which is the whole point of the Big 4 shows. 4 Bands who had a similar legacy get together on a tour, but Metallica are still the kings.
  • They are passionate about music – It’s not about the money and fame for them at all. They continue at it, because they enjoy it. You can tell too by the way they play on stage. They show that music is in their blood and they love what they do.
  • They are not afraid to go different directions – If people are upset about their different styles of music they do every album. If people are pissed off that they stayed away from thrash/speed, tough shit. They are a band. No band wants to play the same type of music all the time. They need to switch it up every once in a while like all bands do.
  • They tour constantly with no days off – They tour around the world and the United States pretty heavily. Being away from their families for long periods of time, that’s a lot of guts. Can you do that?
  • They’re nice guys – I don’t see any ego problems at all. To me they seem nice and professional. They don’t do interviews that much, but I enjoy how they give interviews in the press. Plus, the boys in Metallica are very good with their fans. They are willing to do meet & greets, do autographs and take photos with them. Not many bands do that.
  • They’re talented songwriters – No matter the genre of music they decide to do, they’re always capable of writing catchy songs that never leave your head. Even if you don’t like, “Load”, “Re-load” and, “St. Anger”, you still gotta hand it to ’em. There are still good songs on those three albums. Again, they are great at making anthems better than any other band that you can sing along to them at their concerts.
  • They respect other talent – No, the boys in Metallica do not think they are better than other bands. If you read their interviews, they like other music and they support other bands, greatly. They are willing to tour and collaborate with other bands. They have been doing that stuff for years. They are friends with other bands too like all the bands on the Big 4 lineup for example.
I have seen Metallica live in concert for their, “Death Magnetic” tour, and it was a huge honor for me to see a band that I always wanted to see. I’ll never forget that night. They are the best live performers too.
I will always support Metallica. No matter what they do, they got my back. I look forward to the Lou Reed album, “LuLu”, hope they release a song soon.


Big 4 show tonight at Yankee Stadium, will Lou Reed make an appearance tonight during the Metallica set???

Well, the huge Big 4 show at Yankee Stadium is tonight. The same bands on the lineup that includes: Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica are all playing tonight at Yankee Stadium.

Will Metallica surprise all of us by inviting Lou Reed to jam with them on a few songs? Will Metallica and Lou Reed play a few songs from their upcoming album, “Lulu” tonight, or even the full album in it’s entirety on stage? Wouldn’t surprise me if that happens.

I’ll be on the lookout for youtube videos of this concert  tomorrow, you’ll know they’ll be all over youtube sooner or later.


DVD Review: “The Big 4”

So I finally bought the “Big 4” live music DVD. The history making concert in Sofia, Bulgaria with 4 iconic metal bands all in one show. They are: Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica. Here is a brief review of the DVD.

I thought all 4 performances were just amazing of course. All 4 bands played amazingly tight. Honestly, I never really listened to Anthrax that much before, and after hearing them on this DVD makes me want to buy more of their music, only the stuff with Joey Belladonna as the vocalist ’cause he is an awesome singer.

I love Slayer and knew most of their songs they played on this DVD. The same with Megadeth and Metallica. Some people don’t see it in me, but I’m a metalhead. I love the genre. I’ve been listening to metal for years, ever since the 80’s hair metal days.

The sound and the picture on the DVD is just mind blowing. The music on the DVD is loud. So if you have a home theater surround sound system, the drums might blow your subwoofer if you turn it up so loud, lol.

Another thing that’s cool, is that the DVD has a 49 minute documentary, giving you a behind the scenes look of that whole concert. The documentary shows all the bands traveling to that venue and arriving there. It shows the setup of the concert, meeting fans backstage and all that stuff. It also shows private conversations with the bands in the dressing rooms.

The thing that amazed me the most is the friendship between Dave Mustaine and Lars Ulrich. Remember, those two guys used to be enemies for years. It was Lars who fired Dave from Metallica 30 years ago. Now they are on the DVD acting like they are brothers or best friends or something. I’ll admit it almost brought a tear to my eye.

I’m just so happy that the feud between Metallica and Megadeth is finally over. Dave Mustaine looks very happy about it too. This was good of Dave to do, bury the hatchet. You can’t hold negative grudges forever. You gotta patch it up sometime. It’s called forgiving and forget. That’s what Metallica did. They finally forgave Dave for his troubles. Now Metallica and Megadeth are finally touring after so many years.

This was supposed to happen a long time ago. Metallica and Megadeth sharing the stage. Now it’s finally happening. Now the Big 4 show is set for a few US shows with them being booked for Yankee Statium in NYC. Oh man, I would love to go to the Yankee Stadium show, ’cause that would be fucking badass!

Now that Metallica and Megadeth finally buried the hatchet, lets hope for a supergroup collaboration. Maybe both Metallica and Megadeth can do an album together under a different band name, ’cause that would be a pretty cool side project for them. I’m pretty sure Dave Mustaine, Lars, James, and Kirk would plan a studio project together in the future. Maybe even Dave would let some of the boys in Metallica play on a song for the new Megadeth album, who knows. All of this is possible now they are friends again.

This is a must buy for all metalheads out there. So do yourself a favor and get it. I don’t buy music DVD’s too much but only the ones I’m interested in.


Report: “The Big Four” to play one off show in the United States!!!

“The Big Four” have announced the huge news today, that Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax will play their first show in the United States. Their show will be taken place on Saturday April 23rd, at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. If you live in California or near there and want to go, tickets go on sale Friday. Get ’em fast, ’cause this will indeed be a quick sell out. Tickets are $99.00 a pop, VIP are for $199.

Read more here, at Guitar World.

Man, wish I could afford this. If I had all that money, I would certainly travel to see this show. I would love to see it. I’m sure they’ll be video taping this for a DVD too.