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Benghazi scapegoat, Raymond Maxwell, exposes Hillary and Obama in a big way…

Now this dude is a real patriot!!! As the first public hearing of Benghazi approaches this Wed. somebody is coming forward with info that exposes Hillary and Obama in a big way. Raymond Maxwell who used to work for the State Department reveals that Hillary tried to order him to help her take out documents that would put some people in a bad light over the Benghazi attacks. Raymond wouldn’t go for it.

He used to be a pretty big Obama supporter but later regretted supporting him after Obama and Hillary were treating him like a scapegoat over the Benghazi attack. In other words, Obama and Hillary wanted Raymond to help protect them but he wouldn’t go for it.

Raymond was put on administrative leave after he posted a few poems online that may have pissed off Hillary. She claimed that putting him on leave wasn’t about him, it was more about herself.


I think Trey Gowdy is gonna wanna have a talk with this guy pretty soon! Raymond could help expose the cover-up.

Most people in the Obama administration are willing to risk their lives to protect them over Benghazi but not this guy! This guy has got my respect now!!!