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New “Star Trek” series will be more graphic… interesting…

Bryan Fuller who is the producer of the new “Star Trek” series says the show will be more graphic.


What does that mean? Will the show have more gritty violence and blood? Will there be more profanity? Fuller said not a lot but who knows maybe there will be a little profanity. Will they experiment with more nudity and sex scenes?

They’re not on broadcast networks (regular TV) anymore so they can do what they want. Sounds like they’re want the new “Star Trek” show to be aimed at the adult audience which will be interesting.

It’ll be interesting to see who the new Captain is gonna be and we’ll find out soon. I won’t be able to watch the new “Star Trek” show ’cause I’m not subscribing to CBS All Access. I subscribe to three things like Netflix, WWE Network and Apple Music so that’s good enough for me. Maybe Netflix will get the new “Star Trek” after it streams on CBS All Access, who knows? All the Star Trek shows are on Netflix anyways.

I’m a big Star Trek fan still.