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Report: Charlie Sheen finally gets a new TV gig, will get roasted on Comedy Central…

Comedy Central has found a new guest, and surprise? Who is it? None other than the Tigerblood, Charlie Sheen. Comedy Central’s “Roast” is a  show where they have celebrities sit and listen to a bunch of comedians bash them publicly on camera. Denis Leary was the first Roastee. Other roastee’s were, Jeff Foxworthy, Pam Anderson, Larry the Cable Guy, William Shatner, Bob Saget, Donald Trump and more.

Comedy Central, “Roast” with Charlie Sheen, will air the same night “Two and a Half Men” returns to TV.

Deadline reports:

I’m gonna have to watch this.

What comedians should go on the show to roast Charlie? Well I know Comedy Central are going to try and get Jon Cryer and Chuck Lorre. Both who Charlie had fallen outs with. That be great if Comedy Central could get Jon and Chuck. I know Comedy Central will try to ask Chuck Lorre so hopefully Mr. Lorre will accept. Charlie Sheen bashed Chuck Lorre online so many times, it would be great if Chuck could get his payback, would be entertaining!

Other celebrities I would like to see get on to roast Charlie: Denis Leary, Andrew Dice Clay, Snoop Dogg, Dana Carvey, Gary Busey, Emilio Estevez, Keifer Sutherland (Charlie’s former, “Young Guns” star), and Denise Richards.

That is all. Looking forward to it! Gonna be funny!


Report: Charlie Sheen admits to being a juicehead for the film “Major League”!!!

Charlie Sheen recently had an interview with “Sports Illustrated” magazine and he admitted to using steroids for the first “Major League” film, so he can get a faster pitch.

TMZ, reports.

Are you surprised? I’m not. ‘roid rage can make people become crazy.


Why Ashton Kutcher was hired to take over Charlie Sheen’s role in “Two and a Half Men”…

I never really watched the show “Two and a Half Men”, but I can understand why CBS hired him right away. Why? Because after all this mess with Charlie, I’m sure CBS lost a lot of fans and stopped watching the show. Ashton Kutcher gets a lot of publicity, he’s extremely popular. He’s very like-able by a lot of people out there. CBS hired him simply because to help the show’s popularity grow and keep the ratings up.

Even if I’m not a fan of Ashton Kutcher’s acting, it’s a smart move by CBS. Charlie and Ashton never worked together in the past, but Ashton did work with the Sheen family before. Ashton had a role in the Emilio Estevez directed movie, “Bobby” that also starred Martin Sheen. So Ashton is pretty close to the Sheen family.

So that’s a sign that Ashton and Charlie could possibly already know each other. I’m pretty sure Charlie still wants to play on the show, but maybe he’ll even agree that Ashton is a good pick. We’ll wait to hear Charlie’s thoughts on this soon.


Report: Charlie Sheen booed off the stage at first show of his tour in Detroit, no surprise there!

This is no surprise to me, as I had a feeling Charlie’s show wasn’t going to turn out that good. All those people bought those fucking tickets and they all thought he was going to put on an entertaining show? Of course, Charlie is going to act like an ass. He’s always going to be an ass, because that’s what he is, an asshole. Charlie doesn’t care about his fans. All he cares about is the money and this is the proof.

TMZ, reports.

I’m sure Charlie getting booed at this show will start hitting youtube anytime tonight, so I’ll be on the lookout for videos tomorrow.

You fans need to stop supporting this guy.


Is Charlie Sheen’s “Winning” catchphrase getting old to you already???

Charlie sure did make that word, “Winning”, a favorite for everyone, did he? Am I the only who finds this stupid and annoying? You hear people saying that word everywhere, pretty much. It comes up all the time in facebook. I don’t find it funny, honestly.

All those shows Charlie got booked in his tour, all the audience is going to be doing is chanting “Winning”, after Charlie gets done saying something.

I never really got into this “winning” stuff. It’s pretty lame, in my opinion.


Report: Chuck Lorre is quick to respond to Charlie Sheen’s $100 million dollar lawsuit…

Well, that was fast! Just when Charlie Sheen filed the big lawsuit today, Chuck Lorre’s lawyer responded immediately by sending a statement to the, Hollywood Reporter.

I agree with him, I’m still siding with Lorre. Charlie’s just an insane, psychopathic, maniac, reckless ranter. That’s it. Plus, Charlie is too money hungry. Money is all Charlie seems to care about. Think about it: the “Winning” t-shirts he plans to sell, the new Tigerblood drink, the lawsuit, the interns, he gets paid for twitter/facebook, etc. Charlie IS all about the money.

I know I said on twitter, that I’m on Team Sheen and support him as a fan, but I take that back, and change my mind. I just realized that Charlie is really whacked in the head. All those fans that support Charlie, actually thinks he’s a good guy, but really Charlie is an asshole.

As you can see in Chuck’s statement, he still supports Charlie. He was fired from “Two and a Half Men” because Chuck was scared for his health. Sheen thinks Lorre is attacking him when it’s not. It’s all about the safety of his health. That’s why he was let go. It wasn’t about Charlie’s rant on the Alex Jones radioshow. It seems that Charlie is mentally ill and the drugs seems to be causing it. Just more evidence that Charlie isn’t really clean and he’s not yet a 100% from the alcohol.

Just wait until this trial happens. The judge will agree that Charlie Sheen is mentally ill and Chuck Lorre will win the dismissal. Charlie will need to prove how Chuck is using his ego to fire him. Which will be hard to do.


BREAKING NEWS: It’s official! Charlie Sheen vs. Chuck Lorre is on!!!

I’ve posted all these photos above just to show you their “past” friendship between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre. Yes, Charlie and Chuck used to be friends as you can see, but not anymore.  Charlie was the one who helped Chuck with the Hollywood walk of Fame and they spend a lot of time together while working for, “Two and a Half Men”.

Today, Charlie Sheen filed a $100,000,000 dollar lawsuit against Warner Bros./Chuck Lorre. The lawsuit is accusing Lorre of using his ego to terminate Sheen from his contract and many other things.

Read the full story here at, TMZ.

Ouch! Good luck with that one, Charlie! How many more bridges is Charlie going to burn? Does Charlie have to be this money hungry? I’ll be interested to see how this one is going to end so I’ll be keeping an eye on this news.

Who do I predict will be um, “winning”? I’m siding with Warner Bros./Chuck Lorre. I see a big counter suit coming.

Why do you need to be such a big drama queen, Charlie? If you think for one second that Charlie will win this thing, then you are just as delusional and whacky as him. I hope Charlie loses terribly. He won’t get a penny off this. Seriously.


Not a Cool Video: Charlie Sheen bashes Chuck Lorre in latest “Sheen’s Korner” episode…

In a short episode of the latest, “Sheen’s Korner”, Charlie bashes Chuck Lorre, the creator of “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie is looking pretty upset in this video.

See it, here.

I’ll admit that I’m kind of scared for Charlie. It is pretty scary of what he’s going through.


BREAKING NEWS: Charlie Sheen officially fired from “Two and a Half Men”…

Working for TV or the movies is just like any other job. If you publicly talk trash about your boss, using the full name, it’ll bound to get you fired. So Charlie had this coming. There’s Karma right there, for you, Charlie.

Look at the news on, TMZ. That site will be all over it today.

This news is not a shocker ’cause I’m sure we all saw this coming.Um, LOSIIIINiiiinnnnnggggg!