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Gotta give kudos to Emilio Estevez for staying out of the Charlie Sheen drama…

Have you noticed something about this Charlie Sheen media soap opera? Emilio Estevez, Charlie’s older brother, kept himself out of it! So far, we’ve never heard anything from Emilio about his thoughts about all of this.

Emilio is the good guy. I’m sure Emilio had his share of drugs & alcohol himself when he was younger, but I’m sure he don’t do that anymore. Plus, Emilio, is not a womanizer like Charlie is, Emilio is faithful to his women. Why is Emilio the good man? Well, he is a very religious guy. I think Emilio is a born again, Christian.

I’m sure Emilio knows about all this. I’m sure Emilio is scared and worried about Charlie as well, Emilio is doing a smart thing to stay out of things. He doesn’t want to be involved. If Emilio did get involved, the media would be all over him non stop as well.

Emilio is too busy working on his own movies and focusing on his own career, which is good on him. I’m sure Emilio will speak out on all of this Charlie Sheen drama at some point, though. Maybe he’s waiting for it all to settle down?


Not a Cool Video: Watch Charlie kiss that chick here…

Here it is. To those who haven’t seen Charlie’s Korner online last night, it’s all over youtube. You can watch it there. Here’s Charlie kissing that girl. Man, Charlie is a womanizer, big time, hey? No wonder he has a lot of marriage problems over the years.

I like Charlie. He’s a good actor and a funny guy but he needs to grow up a little. I wish he would take a hiatus from his career and get his personal life straightened out but nope, he’s too hung up on being a media whore.

Brooke took his kids away from him. After seeing Charlie kiss that girl, I can see why Brooke did that. Brooke must be in a lot of pain seeing this. Charlie doesn’t understand how karma works and his delusional mind thinks he is “winning”.


Charlie’s Korner thoughts…

Just got done watching it. After watching this crap, I’m beginning to agree that Charlie is a little messed up. I bet Brooke Mueller is pissed as all hell after watching this, because I bet Brooke did watch it. That woman in this photo is Natalie Kenley, one of Charlie’s mistresses. He got her to sit on his lap and they actually kissed.

Basically, the whole show was just Charlie and his friends answering fan questions from twitter. He revealed his new “Winning” tattoo and read a little bit of poetry and that was pretty much it.

He stayed away from the legal Chuck Lorre and “Two and a Half Men”, and stayed away from his personal problems with drugs. He just wanted to entertain his fans. That’s what he did the show for. Charlie did the show as an award for the fans for supporting him, so he did the show supporting his fans in return.

His speaking voice is very weird these days but that’s probably because of his past use with drugs and heavy smoking, that’s why he speaks weird like that.

At the beginning of the show, he was getting over 100,000 viewers and lost half of it in the middle. Geez, I wonder why! The guy is a bit crazy and delusional.

I still like Charlie but the dude needs to grow up a little bit. I can totally see why Brooke took his kids away from him.


Charlie Sheen is not a trainwreck!!!

Wow. Charlie Sheen is the most talked about celeb on the internet indeed. People are still talking about him in facebook and twitter. People are obsessed with him. It bothers me how people judge him as a train wreck and a delusional person.

Yes, I agree Charlie’s interviews in the media are a bit weird and bizarre, but come on, people. He’s just a comedian! Most comedians are crazy like that. It’s just his sense of humor when doing interviews with the press.

Charlie isn’t the only comedian who struggled with drugs & alcohol. There have been plenty of comedians from the past who had trouble with hard partying. Comedians I can think of at the top of my head: Sam Kinison, John Belushi, Richard Pryor, Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong, etc. The list goes on.

I’ll still have the videblog coming this weekend.


Charlie Sheen…the most talked about celebrity on the internet???

Charlie have been everywhere this week. On TV, on radio interviews, he’s even the most talked about on the internet. Even in facebook, everyone is talking about him. Every status I see people make a joke about Charlie Sheen in facebook. Charlie is trending in the news, indeed.

I see people calling him crazy, insane, or a trainwreck. Really? Are people serious? I find Charlie innocent, and harmless. He maybe a little crazy yes, but not in a bad way. People shouldn’t compare Charlie to Mel Gibson or Lindsay Lohan because it’s wrong. He’s not in their league.

The thing with alcohol and partying, there are different kinds of drunks. With being drunk, there are happy drunks, angry drunks and emotional drunks. I see Charlie as a happy drunk. Charlie is no longer a drunk anymore as he is a clean guy, no drugs either.

This gave me inspiration for another videoblog which I will make this weekend. Yes, you guess it, I will defend, Charlie. Hopefully get people to understand on what he’s doing. His feud with Chuck Lorre and CBS, all of it. Why is he feuding with Lorre and CBS? Well, figure it out. He’s trying to let the public know that the television industry aren’t the greatest people to be working with. I agree. TV is a tough business ’cause you’ll be working with a bunch of greedy rich people who think they are big shots.

I will make the videoblog this weekend.


Report: Charlie Sheen is writing memoir, confirms deal with publisher already…

The controversial actor, Charlie Sheen, has said that he’s writing a memoir based on the “Two and a Half Men” fallout with creator, Chuck Lorre. Sheen recently bad mouthed Lorre publicly on the radio with the TMZ, and the rest of the season have been canceled because of his rant. Well, Sheen doesn’t plan on ending this feud anytime soon ’cause he plans on keeping it going with this book he’s writing. The book will be about the behind the scenes, of the sitcom, “Two and a Half Men”, it will lead up to where he’s at now with, Lorre.

It’s not known if it will be an autobiography, but this is all we know so far. Will it be about Charlie’s life? Will it be about his childhood, movie career, drugs, women, etc.? Maybe, don’t know.

Many would think Sheen is crazy, but he isn’t Mel Gibson or Lindsay Lohan. I don’t see how you can compare Sheen to Gibson or Lohan. It’s Gibson and Lohan that are insane. Sheen is completely harmless and innocent, yes, I’ve said that. Sure, Sheen may have personal problems, but Sheen is just like everyone else. He’s not perfect, we’re not perfect. He may like to party and he loves his porn stars, but hey, that’s his business, not ours.

I hope Charlie will get clean with drugs and become a better person, so he can get his career back on track. I think the point with Charlie’s memoir is that he wants to clear things up, save his character and get things off his chest. People may see him as a crazy guy and this fall out with Lorre, people will blame it on Charlie of course, but that’s why Charlie wants to write the book. To expose the greed and egos of the television business, behind the scenes. That’s his plan.

I’ll be interested in reading his book, and will buy it when it comes out.

Read the report here, at Deadline.

Edit to add: Btw, why do people find it a surprise that Charlie Sheen had a porn star addiction? He did that movie, “Rated X” with his brother Emilio, which is about porn movies. That’s not enough evidence that he could be a porn addict?


Report: “Two and a Half Men” canceled, but not for good…

Charlie Sheen’s hit sitcom, “Two and a Half Men” have been immediately canceled, due to Sheen’s heated feud with the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre (whose real name is, Haim Levine). Sheen went on TMZ for an interview and out of the blue, he started talking trash about Lorre in a heated rant.

Read the full story, here. The show haven’t been canceled for good, only for the rest of this season.

It’s a real shame how Charlie is now. He obviously needs help and hope he gets it soon. He is a talented actor, can’t deny that. He’s been in many great movies too like “Platoon”, “Wall Street”, “Men at Work”, and many others. I hope he gets the help before it’s too late.


BREAKING NEWS: Charlie Sheen checks into rehab today…(again)

Charlie Sheen is in the news again! Come on, Mr. Martin Sheen, look where your kid is at! Charlie officially checked himself into rehab today, after being hospitalized for having a “hernia” problem. Charlie was partying with 5 different famous porn stars at his home. He was watching porn movies with them, drinking and smoking cocaine.

TMZ, reports.

Well, I blame this on the porn stars he was hanging with. I don’t think this was his fault at all. He thought those porn stars were going to be his friend, but apparently not. Partying maybe fun, but always be careful who you’re partying with. Those porn stars are crazy party animals. More crazier than us. It might be fun to hang out with a porn star, but in reality, it can be dangerous. They could get you addicted to drugs quick and they can even kill you.

Not only that Sheen needs to get clean with drugs, he also need to clean up his sex addiction as well.

Hope all goes well with Charlie, because he might be the next dead celebrity of 2011. How come Charlie’s family isn’t helping him on this? Where’s Martin? Where’s Emilio? Come on guys, help the man before something worse happens to him.


Report: Ashley Alexandra Dupre linked to Charlie Sheen too?

Sources are saying that actor Charlie Sheen, who is the son of actor Martin Sheen and the brother of actor Emilio Estevez, Charlie has also been linked to Ashley Alexandra Dupre, yes, the same girl that Elliot Spitzer hooked up with.

Articles claim that Charlie hooked up with Ashley for a steamy lesbian threesome with Ashley, another hooker with both dressed as cheerleaders.

Charlie has publicily admitted to using hookers but denied the Ashley Alexandra Dupre scandal.


Ashley is probably linked to a lot of celebrities out there. What a skank!