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Report: Ashley Alexandra Dupre and Joe Francis officially buries the hatchet…

After Ashley Dupre dropped the $10 million dollar lawsuit against Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild, it seems as though Ashley and Joe are now buddies. As I already predicted, she’s letting him release the dancing on the bus video on DVD and she’ll also appear in the first issue in the mag as already planned before. Joe Francis gave her the “go” to work with Girls Gone Wild.

TMZ reports:


Great news.

I’ll be looking forward to getting that magazine and DVD when it hits the shelves in bookstores!


Report: Ashley Alexandra Dupre drops lawsuit on Girls Gone Wild…

Ashley Alexandra Dupre decides to have a change of heart with Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild by dropping the lawsuit on the company. Ashley’s made a statement that she is trying to get away from all the negativity in her life and focus on the positive. Back in April, she filed a lawsuit against GGW claiming they used her name and likeness for profit, and also she was tricked into giving her consent to be filmed for a video of her dancing on the GGW bus celebrating her 18th birthday.

TMZ reports:


Good thing she is doing! Life is too short to hold negative grudges. Maybe she’ll let the company release the video, that would be cool.


Report: Ashley Alexandra Dupre thanks the public for support!

Ashley Alexandra Dupre recently just posted a myspace blog thanking her fans and the public for her support during her hard times. She never once spoke about her scandal with Eliot Spitzer but you can very well believe she was reffering to the Spitzer scandal when she says “Hard times”.

Ashley posted public e-mails of fans writing positive things about her. Saying that she should stay strong and ignore the negativity toward her by the media. Of course, her myspace blog makes a big news story (another reason to despise myspace).

Check out Ashley’s blog here:


I still support her and back her up, no matter what anyone says. What she did with Spitzer was a mistake, everyone makes ’em. People who keep bringing the Spitzer thing up with her needs to let the past be the past and move forward. There are better things in life than trying to bring down Ashley. People have no right to get into her private business with Eliot Spitzer or anyone she has a sexual relationship with.

If getting paid having sex is what’s getting her famous and popular, more power to her! Bad publicity can be good! She seems like a good person to me. The Girls Gone Wild company should back off on her as well.

The media should leave the girl alone and let her do whatever she wants. It’s a free country. I believe she’s adult enough to take care of herself.



Whose Side Are You On: Ashley Alexandra Dupre vs Joe Francis…

Ashley Alexandra Dupre is in the news again. But this time it’s something good! Ashley the Spitzer girl files a 10 million dollar lawsuit against Joe Francis and the Girls Gone Wild company. She is accusing the company of using her name without her permission and advertising her videos with her dancing on the GGW bus doing a strip tease while dancing. She also says she was 17 and not old enough to sign a contract when the video was filmed…

The Associated Press Reports:


 and also check the TMZ report:


Didn’t some dude named Greasy Bear who works for the Girls Gone Wild company reply to a comment in my blog saying that she was legal? Ashley says it’s not true! Oh my!!!

I’m still on Ashley’s side 100%. She’s doing a good thing here.

Go get ’em Ash! Fight the power!



Report: Ashley Alexandra Dupre already had her fifteen minutes of fame with Girls Gone Wild…

Ashley Alexandra Dupre or real name “Kristen” or whatever you want to call her, already had her fifteen minutes of fame way before the Elliot Spitzer scandal. The Spitzer girl was filmed dancing on the GGW bus when she was just 17 years old. She may have been underage then but she was legal celebrating her 18th birthday and as long as she was in her consent, it is okay for GGW to film her dancing flashing her private parts to the camera.

TMZ showed that video on their website but it was “censored”. GGW plans on releasing the uncensored version of the DVD FREE along with the first issue of GGW magazine when it hits the newstands.

See the TMZ report here:


I’ll probably get the first issue of GGW magazine ’cause I’m curious of seeing the Ashley Dupre dancing on the bus video, the uncensored version. I’ll be on the lookout on when the first issue of the magazine will be released.


Report: Hookers Gone Wild, Joe Francis wants the Spitzer girl…

Just when getting released from jail for tax evasion charges after staying a little over 11 months in the slammer, the Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis wants Ashley Alexandra Dupre for a nude photo spread and to tour with Girls Gone Wild. He too wants to offer her a million dollar deal.

The 22 year old whore already made some big money from pay downloads of her songs online.


With all these offers that Ashley is getting from the Penthouse magazine, to Hustler magazine and now Girls Gone Wild, will Ashley go for all three of them?

From the sounds of things, it’s very unlikely.

The adult entertainment industry is already giving her a lot offers but so far she’s been pretty quiet about all of it.

She hasn’t logged in her myspace in a while (since before the Elliot Spitzer controversy happened) and she hasn’t posted any blogs on whether she’s confirming any of those deals above.


After her private business with Spitzer has been made public, she needs some space until all of this calm down in the media. We might hear from her in the future, but I seriously doubt she’s gonna go for those deals.

As far as Joe Francis goes, the Girls Gone Wild company has been dead since Francis been in jail, he picked Ashley just to help get the company known again. Girls Gone Wild will never be successful again. While I do enjoy “porn” and naked girls like every guy, I never liked the Girls Gone Wild series.


Report: Ashley Alexandra Dupre linked to Charlie Sheen too?

Sources are saying that actor Charlie Sheen, who is the son of actor Martin Sheen and the brother of actor Emilio Estevez, Charlie has also been linked to Ashley Alexandra Dupre, yes, the same girl that Elliot Spitzer hooked up with.

Articles claim that Charlie hooked up with Ashley for a steamy lesbian threesome with Ashley, another hooker with both dressed as cheerleaders.

Charlie has publicily admitted to using hookers but denied the Ashley Alexandra Dupre scandal.


Ashley is probably linked to a lot of celebrities out there. What a skank!


Report: Larry Flynt wants the Spitzer girl…

Penthouse magazine is not the only porn magazine for men wanting to have the Spitzer girl pose nude, Larry Flynt’s “Hustler” magazine wants her too! *rolls eyes*

Larry Flynt is begging Ashley to call him directily or e-mail him…


and also the Hustler magazine press release:


Expect Hugh Hefner to want her for Playboy too.

Ya know, if you think about this why is everyone finding this a surprise that she is getting fame over this prostitution thing?

You have to keep in mind that many famous porn stars have gotten their start doing prostitution or working for strip clubs. Those who say Ashley Dupre don’t deserve fame in the porn industry ’cause of her scandal with Spitzer clearly doesn’t know how the porn industry works. The porn industry loves this kind of stuff.

I’m not defending Ashley, I’m just telling how it is. If there’s a hooker or a stripper getting a lot of buzz in the media, that’s when the porn industry will start going after her. This is exactly what’s happening to Ashley.

Hookers getting fame in the adult entertainment industry isn’t the first time. People need to use common sense and stop acting like it is.

You can expect Howard Stern wanting Ashley to call his radio station for a live radio interview for Sirius as well.


Report: Penthouse magazine wants Ashley Alexandra Dupre to give them a call…

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, Spitzer’s fuck buddy is already getting offers in the national entertainment industry. Penthouse magazine has already been trying to get a hold of the young 22 year old pop singer from New York City. Diane Silberstein, the Penthouse magazine group president and publisher says they would love to have Ashley do a nude pictorial and get her on the cover. The Penthouse magazine company wants Ashley to call them by phone.

The Associated Press reports:


Oh boy, here we go, it’s already happening folks! Ashley already getting fame! Eh? Don’t worry folks, Ashley would go for the Penthouse offer. Since she’s all about making big money, Penthouse will offer her a deal she won’t refuse.

Next she’ll get a record deal with a major label with her music.