Report: Hookers Gone Wild, Joe Francis wants the Spitzer girl…

Just when getting released from jail for tax evasion charges after staying a little over 11 months in the slammer, the Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis wants Ashley Alexandra Dupre for a nude photo spread and to tour with Girls Gone Wild. He too wants to offer her a million dollar deal.

The 22 year old whore already made some big money from pay downloads of her songs online.

With all these offers that Ashley is getting from the Penthouse magazine, to Hustler magazine and now Girls Gone Wild, will Ashley go for all three of them?

From the sounds of things, it’s very unlikely.

The adult entertainment industry is already giving her a lot offers but so far she’s been pretty quiet about all of it.

She hasn’t logged in her myspace in a while (since before the Elliot Spitzer controversy happened) and she hasn’t posted any blogs on whether she’s confirming any of those deals above.

After her private business with Spitzer has been made public, she needs some space until all of this calm down in the media. We might hear from her in the future, but I seriously doubt she’s gonna go for those deals.

As far as Joe Francis goes, the Girls Gone Wild company has been dead since Francis been in jail, he picked Ashley just to help get the company known again. Girls Gone Wild will never be successful again. While I do enjoy “porn” and naked girls like every guy, I never liked the Girls Gone Wild series.


0 thoughts on “Report: Hookers Gone Wild, Joe Francis wants the Spitzer girl…”

  1. Hello. Your news is in need of correction.
    GGW is in fantastic shape. Operations were handled successfully while Mr.Francis was straightening out some well publicized legal difficulties.
    We even have a GGW magazine launch that is already slated for 50,000 locations nationwide.
    As a side note, Ms.Dupre has already been filmed and we have several of the original tapes when she was on the GGW bus four years ago. She was of legal age and signed all release forms.
    We are deciding just how to proceed and you will be informed when a release date of these exclusive GGW videos is determined.
    Sincerely Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis

  2. Thanks Brandon, thanks for writing in. I’ve heard about you. TMZ posted the Ashley Dupre dancing on the bus videos but they were censored. Looking forward to seeing the “uncensored” ones, peace!


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