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Report: Joe Francis of “Girls Gone Wild” fame wants to block Madonna’s new song…

Madonna is planning to perform one of her new songs on her upcoming new album at this Sunday’s Superbowl game, a song called, “Girls Gone Wild”, but Joe Francis happens to own the trademark for his business name. He sent her a, “cease and desist letter”, trying to stop her from playing the song.

Read the full story, here.

Oh give me, a fucking break. I think Madonna, legally has the right to use the song, so she’s safe. There are plenty of songwriters and musicians from the past who used the same title.

If he’s going to sue Madonna, then he may as well sue country singer, Travis Tritt.


Report: Joe Francis proven innocent in underage girl case…

Joe Francis, the “Girl’s Gone Wild” honcho, was found innocent in court, after 4 young women accused him of ruining their lives while filming them topless in videos.

Read more here at, TMZ.

I know some people will still call Francis a sick pervert and all, but I’m going to side with him. When will the women ever be trouble and not Joe? I’m willing to bet these 4 women set him up, just to make him look bad. Those women were hoping to get a payday out of Joe for this, like he said. Could Joe sue them in return for a little payback? I wouldn’t be surprised….



Report: 8 people busted at “Girls Gone Wild” party in Florida…

8 people were arrested at a nightclub called, The Barn, in Florida, where the popular, Girls Gone Wild, adult entertainment business hosted a party there. 4 women were arrested for flashing their breasts in a public place and 4 other men were arrested for breaking out a fight and resisting arrest of police. While the club allowed Girls Gone Wild to host a party at their club, however, public nudity is still not allowed as it is part of the law for the nightclub.

The owner of the club, allowed police to hang up yellow warning signs saying that anybody that flashes themselves, could face arrest…and the club owner allowed his staff to crack down underage kids sneaking in with fake ID.

The club owner, invited “Girls Gone Wild” to host a party as an attempt to bring more people into his club. “Girls Gone Wild” founder/owner, Joe Francis, was not there at this incident and he hasn’t yet responded to this controversy.

More on it here:


What!!! The club owner had “Girls Gone Wild” host a party at his place, and he honestly didn’t think all hell was going to break loose? HELLO IDIOT! This is “Girls GONE WILD”. I repeat, “GIRLS GONE WILD”!!! If you’re going to host a “Girls Gone Wild” party, BE READY, and don’t be a pussy if you can’t take crazy people gone wild, because that’s what they do!

If you haven’t seen the Girls Gone Wild DVDs over the years, then the Girls Gone Wild party is at the wrong club. The girls are supposed to strip naked, guys getting into fights and getting into all kinds of trouble! That’s how the GGW party!

I think the club owner was looking for an excuse to give the police a big paycheck. I’d suggest GGW to never host a party there again.

I like the Girls Gone Wild franchise, I am a fan, and people are always trying to find ways to bring them down because of their sexual content with young women. As long as GGW are pissing people off, they are doing something right.


Report: Ashley Alexandra Dupre and Joe Francis officially buries the hatchet…

After Ashley Dupre dropped the $10 million dollar lawsuit against Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild, it seems as though Ashley and Joe are now buddies. As I already predicted, she’s letting him release the dancing on the bus video on DVD and she’ll also appear in the first issue in the mag as already planned before. Joe Francis gave her the “go” to work with Girls Gone Wild.

TMZ reports:


Great news.

I’ll be looking forward to getting that magazine and DVD when it hits the shelves in bookstores!


Report: Ashley Alexandra Dupre drops lawsuit on Girls Gone Wild…

Ashley Alexandra Dupre decides to have a change of heart with Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild by dropping the lawsuit on the company. Ashley’s made a statement that she is trying to get away from all the negativity in her life and focus on the positive. Back in April, she filed a lawsuit against GGW claiming they used her name and likeness for profit, and also she was tricked into giving her consent to be filmed for a video of her dancing on the GGW bus celebrating her 18th birthday.

TMZ reports:


Good thing she is doing! Life is too short to hold negative grudges. Maybe she’ll let the company release the video, that would be cool.


Report: Hookers Gone Wild, Joe Francis wants the Spitzer girl…

Just when getting released from jail for tax evasion charges after staying a little over 11 months in the slammer, the Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis wants Ashley Alexandra Dupre for a nude photo spread and to tour with Girls Gone Wild. He too wants to offer her a million dollar deal.

The 22 year old whore already made some big money from pay downloads of her songs online.


With all these offers that Ashley is getting from the Penthouse magazine, to Hustler magazine and now Girls Gone Wild, will Ashley go for all three of them?

From the sounds of things, it’s very unlikely.

The adult entertainment industry is already giving her a lot offers but so far she’s been pretty quiet about all of it.

She hasn’t logged in her myspace in a while (since before the Elliot Spitzer controversy happened) and she hasn’t posted any blogs on whether she’s confirming any of those deals above.


After her private business with Spitzer has been made public, she needs some space until all of this calm down in the media. We might hear from her in the future, but I seriously doubt she’s gonna go for those deals.

As far as Joe Francis goes, the Girls Gone Wild company has been dead since Francis been in jail, he picked Ashley just to help get the company known again. Girls Gone Wild will never be successful again. While I do enjoy “porn” and naked girls like every guy, I never liked the Girls Gone Wild series.