Report: Ashley Alexandra Dupre thanks the public for support!

Ashley Alexandra Dupre recently just posted a myspace blog thanking her fans and the public for her support during her hard times. She never once spoke about her scandal with Eliot Spitzer but you can very well believe she was reffering to the Spitzer scandal when she says “Hard times”.

Ashley posted public e-mails of fans writing positive things about her. Saying that she should stay strong and ignore the negativity toward her by the media. Of course, her myspace blog makes a big news story (another reason to despise myspace).

Check out Ashley’s blog here:

I still support her and back her up, no matter what anyone says. What she did with Spitzer was a mistake, everyone makes ’em. People who keep bringing the Spitzer thing up with her needs to let the past be the past and move forward. There are better things in life than trying to bring down Ashley. People have no right to get into her private business with Eliot Spitzer or anyone she has a sexual relationship with.

If getting paid having sex is what’s getting her famous and popular, more power to her! Bad publicity can be good! She seems like a good person to me. The Girls Gone Wild company should back off on her as well.

The media should leave the girl alone and let her do whatever she wants. It’s a free country. I believe she’s adult enough to take care of herself.



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