Report: Rupert Murdoch pissed off at Facebook getting more popular than myspace…

Well folks, look like I am not alone on how myspace sucks so bad. America is finally starting to realize how bad the site truly is!!! People are starting to go to Facebook now! For the first time ever in history of the world wide web, Facebook’s popularity has risen over myspace!!!!! YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!

More on it here:

Awwwwww, poor Murdoch! Coochie coochie coo. Cat got your tongue!  Get over it, pal!

It’s a fact that your site called myspace is pure crap and people are starting to finally realize it.

Expect to lose more people, Murdoch because of the launch of the new look which a lot of people are hating on. Not everyone has broadband internet and not everyone have good computers and it takes a long time for some people to log into myspace because of the front page advertisements with videos. This is probably the reason some people are moving to facebook.

Fuck myspace. Fuck it. Facebook is the way to go! I think I’m definitely making a facebook music account and I can run my own music page at facebook instead of fucking myspace! It looks better and much easier to use than myspace. The world is quickly losing interest in myspace and it’s nice to see Murdoch finally know that!



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