Report: More Vince McMahon controversy at the end of tonight’s RAW…

This could be the end of “Mr. McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania” folks. On tonight’s RAW, at the end of it, Vince McMahon sparked more controversy on his own self. Just after giving away half a million dollars after Triple H was announced he’s drafted to Smackdown, McMahon’s “Million Dollar Titantron” fell on top of him, and was taken out in a stretcher.

What will we get next? Is there a “Who attacked Vince McMahon on RAW ” storyline coming? Or will Vince fake his own attack again just like he faked his death in the blowing up the limo segment a year back? Who knows, Vince McMahon is indeed the king of all controversy in entertainment media.

I’m kind of dissapointed Triple H is getting moved to Smackdown. Looks like Edge will be getting drafted to RAW soon. Now all Triple H fans have to deal with Vicky Guerrero ruining his matches on Smackdown. What if Edge don’t get drafted at all and he stays on Smackdown, does that mean Smackdown will have two Champions? What will RAW have without a main event championship belt?

I’m betting my money Edge will get drafted to RAW. Since Triple H is my favorite, I’m going to have to start watching Smackdown now although I have to put up with Vicky Guerrero’s annoying mic skills.



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