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Report: Woah, look at those huge boobs on Sarah Palin…um not really…

TMZ posted a photo gallery of behind the scenes segments of the Hustler porn “Nailin’ Palin” with porn star Lisa Ann playing Sarah Palin. And my god, Lisa Ann is pretty smokin’ fine. They made her look almost exactly like Sarah Palin. I don’t think the real Sarah’s boobs are that big, but I think that’s the vision Larry Flynt wanted with her in the film.

Enjoy the photos here (there are no nudity in the pictures since TMZ is a family oriented website):


I sure can’t wait to see it when it comes out on DVD. I’d buy it!!!

I hope it’s hardcore porn, not the cheesy softcore stuff. But knowing that this film is being made by Hustler magazine of course, it’ll be hardcore, ’cause Hustler is way more explicit than Penthouse.


Report: Hustler’s Sarah Palin porn title and actress revealed at TMZ…

TMZ got the info, the name of the Sarah Palin porn is titled “Nailin’ Palin” and the porn actress who plays her is Lisa Ann. Lisa Ann will be wearing Palin like glasses and having hairdo like Palin. There is also a Hillary Clinton impersonator in the film too.

The porn will be released sometime before the Election.

TMZ reports:


Looking forward to it!


Report: Larry Flynt making a porn starring Sarah Palin? Eh……sort of….

Larry Flynt the owner and founder of “Hustler” magazine is making a porn starring our Vice President hopeful, Sarah Palin. Well, not really. And don’t get any ideas that it’s Tina Fey because it isn’t her either. Flynt’s producers posted an ad in Craigslist looking for a porn actress in search of a woman who looks almost close to Sarah Palin herself. The actress will be paid $3,000 for the role.

The film has already been shot, but Hustler officials are keeping the title and the name of the porn actress who plays Palin underwraps for now. It will be Flynt’s way of expressing her views on Sarah Palin politically.

More on it here:


I would like to see this myself. It’ll get leaked all over the web on porn sites everywhere anyways.

Let the rumours of Sarah Palin having a private sex tape begin.


Report: Larry Flynt wants the Spitzer girl…

Penthouse magazine is not the only porn magazine for men wanting to have the Spitzer girl pose nude, Larry Flynt’s “Hustler” magazine wants her too! *rolls eyes*

Larry Flynt is begging Ashley to call him directily or e-mail him…


and also the Hustler magazine press release:


Expect Hugh Hefner to want her for Playboy too.

Ya know, if you think about this why is everyone finding this a surprise that she is getting fame over this prostitution thing?

You have to keep in mind that many famous porn stars have gotten their start doing prostitution or working for strip clubs. Those who say Ashley Dupre don’t deserve fame in the porn industry ’cause of her scandal with Spitzer clearly doesn’t know how the porn industry works. The porn industry loves this kind of stuff.

I’m not defending Ashley, I’m just telling how it is. If there’s a hooker or a stripper getting a lot of buzz in the media, that’s when the porn industry will start going after her. This is exactly what’s happening to Ashley.

Hookers getting fame in the adult entertainment industry isn’t the first time. People need to use common sense and stop acting like it is.

You can expect Howard Stern wanting Ashley to call his radio station for a live radio interview for Sirius as well.