Charlie Sheen is not a trainwreck!!!

Wow. Charlie Sheen is the most talked about celeb on the internet indeed. People are still talking about him in facebook and twitter. People are obsessed with him. It bothers me how people judge him as a train wreck and a delusional person.

Yes, I agree Charlie’s interviews in the media are a bit weird and bizarre, but come on, people. He’s just a comedian! Most comedians are crazy like that. It’s just his sense of humor when doing interviews with the press.

Charlie isn’t the only comedian who struggled with drugs & alcohol. There have been plenty of comedians from the past who had trouble with hard partying. Comedians I can think of at the top of my head: Sam Kinison, John Belushi, Richard Pryor, Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong, etc. The list goes on.

I’ll still have the videblog coming this weekend.


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