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Full body fitness progress pics… Enjoy!!!

I thought I would finally show off my full body fitness and bodybuilding progress. Click through the 4 pics in my Instagram pics above and you’ll see I don’t skip leg day. After a little over 10 years of bodybuilding, I never really showed off my lower body work until now.

Admittedly, I was a little nervous posting these pics since I’m wearing nothing but boxer briefs but turns out people had no problem with them and they’re getting some pretty positive feedback on my physique which feels good.

This is what over 10 years in the gym, looks like y’all. It may not look much but hey, maybe muscle building is a slow process but I think I look pretty damn decent here. I finally got the “bodybuilder” look that I wanted.

I posed in boxer briefs ’cause that’s the only type of underwear that I have. Would I ever pose in bodybuilding trunks or speedos so I can show off my FULL leg work from top to bottom? Yes I would! Like the instagram post says, that’s what bodybuilding is here for so you can show off your hard work in the gym.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… some assholes out there will look at my pics and may think I’m some sort of ego-driven attention whore but fuck ’em, ya know? I’m sure some are gonna make fun of me but once again, fuck ’em. I’m not upset with critics and trolls anymore like I used to be. If you’re getting critics making fun of your bodybuilding goals then chances are they are probably a fat fuck or a skinny person with no muscle that is jealous of you so pay no mind to ’em.

Bodybuilding is a journey and a lifestyle. You should be able to show off what you got and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Enjoy the pics. I love what I do.


Report: Charlie Sheen admits to being a juicehead for the film “Major League”!!!

Charlie Sheen recently had an interview with “Sports Illustrated” magazine and he admitted to using steroids for the first “Major League” film, so he can get a faster pitch.

TMZ, reports.

Are you surprised? I’m not. ‘roid rage can make people become crazy.


Not A Cool Video: Is Scooby right about squats or is he full of crock???

Squats is the most popular bodybuilding workout of them all. You see guys and even women do this workout all the time, at all gyms, all over the world.

I experimented with squats on the “Smith Machine”, but I’ve been lifting light. I’ve been experimenting with different leg workouts and wanted to try out the squat. It really is a strong workout. It really pumps up your quads, hamstrings, and your ass, all around.

Is it really a dangerous workout that he claims? He could be right in some way, but I think he’s somewhat, full of crock too. ALL WORKOUTS in the gym can be pretty risky. Even the leg press or any of those leg machines can mess up your legs, or even your whole damn body. Just do every workout in perfect form at all times and don’t lift too heavy, and the exercises can be very safe for you.

Scoob is just trying to scare the hell out of people and get people to stop doing squats. I’m pretty sure a lot of pro bodybuilders are laughing at this guy.


BREAKING NEWS: Power Balance admits their wristbands are fake!!!

I’ve said it so many times, people. Don’t trust every product in the fitness industry. Some products in the fitness industry do work and some don’t. The makers of the Power Balance wristbands that claim they are to enhance your performance, improve strength, flexibility and balance, admits it’s all a lie.

More on the story, here.

If you want to improve strength, flexibility and balance. You don’t go through these fake gimmicks. To improve your goals, you learn stuff like yoga or martial arts. Yoga or martial arts will indeed improve strength, flexibility and balance.

Will BeachBody ever admit that “10 Minute Trainer” or “P90x” doesn’t work? No. As long as they are making billions of dollars, they’ll keep ripping people off.