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Thought: My thoughts on “Scooby’s Workshop” has sparked controversy with his fanbase…

I wrote this post, two years ago, about my feelings on Scooby’s Workshop. The popular online trainer who has created a very large following of fans from all around the world. His fans have been coming after me for the past couple of years because of that post. They are just trying to defend their bodybuilding hero, no matter what is said about him. What they are mad about is that they think I have accused Scooby of using steroids. You see, in this blog post, I never said that. They took my comments on him way out of context and the whole thing was blown out of proportion. People misunderstood what I said.

Re-read what I posted in that blog post two years ago:

If you want to be into bodybuilding you have to deal with nasty critics. You will be made fun of if you put yourself out there in the bodybuilding world. Of course, people will accuse you of using steroids and of course, people will call you homosexual. It’s a regular thing that goes on with all bodybuilders in the fitness world.

In that post, I never said, “Hey, Scooby uses steroids”. My point that I was trying to make, that if you want to get into bodybuilding and fitness, you will get accused of using steroids by a lot of people. Not just Scooby, I was referring to all successful bodybuilders. Bodybuilders being accused of using steroids is pretty common and nothing new. He doesn’t like being accused of using steroids, but that’s what you get, when you put yourself out there for the world to see when you’re being a public online trainer and all that stuff.

No where in that post I ever said, “Scooby uses steroids”. I’m sure he doesn’t use steroids, but if he turned out that he really does, then it’s no surprise, and it should be no surprise to everyone else either.

Even though I wrote that post two years ago, I still stand by the things I say in it.  I won’t take that post down. Why do everyone take fitness advice from a guy online who goes under an anonymous name of “Scooby”, named after a cartoon character? People claim it’s for protection of lawsuits and other things but in my opinion, I think he’s hiding from something. Scooby is not a hero, and he’s not an inspiration.

His fanbase will defend him and stand by him, 100%, whenever people get critical on Scooby. It’s insane. I don’t need Scooby to help me make my bodybuilding dreams come true ’cause I’m doing a fine job at it myself, thank you.

I will not allow comments in this blog post ’cause I don’t want Scooby’s fans coming here to defend their hero.


Not A Cool Video: Is Scooby right about squats or is he full of crock???

Squats is the most popular bodybuilding workout of them all. You see guys and even women do this workout all the time, at all gyms, all over the world.

I experimented with squats on the “Smith Machine”, but I’ve been lifting light. I’ve been experimenting with different leg workouts and wanted to try out the squat. It really is a strong workout. It really pumps up your quads, hamstrings, and your ass, all around.

Is it really a dangerous workout that he claims? He could be right in some way, but I think he’s somewhat, full of crock too. ALL WORKOUTS in the gym can be pretty risky. Even the leg press or any of those leg machines can mess up your legs, or even your whole damn body. Just do every workout in perfect form at all times and don’t lift too heavy, and the exercises can be very safe for you.

Scoob is just trying to scare the hell out of people and get people to stop doing squats. I’m pretty sure a lot of pro bodybuilders are laughing at this guy.


Egg yolks is where most of the protein is in the egg…

For the past couple of months, I’ve experimented eating eggs without egg yolks, just to see what egg whites does. Scooby claims that egg yolks are bad for you. This is one thing that he is totally misinformed on…I’ve done careful research and studying about eggs. All the healthy ingredients are in the egg yolks. Protein, vitamins, omega3, etc. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to go back to eating eggs with the yolk in them, from this point on. I thought about avoiding egg yolks for good but it was only temporary. I was experimenting with it, to try it, see what it does without the yolk. Eating egg whites is not bad, but you don’t get much out of it. You get more healthy with the yolks in it.

I know I posted this video before, but I’m going to post it again. This is why Scooby’s workshop sucks and people shouldn’t look after him for dieting advice and workout tips. It seems he is making things up as he goes along. I researched it that egg yolks won’t make you fat.