The reason for my flip flop on Scooby’s Workshop…

So you’ve seen me supporting Scooby’s Workshop, this guy name Scooby who has his own bodybuilding website and is popular in youtube with his workout lessons. I’ve started watching his videos, thought he was pretty insightful and pretty entertaining, but reading the website and his forum, it got me thinking that one of my blog readers is right that this guy is a fake and he’s the last guy you’d want to take advice from.

This guy claims he doesn’t workout at the gym. He also claims he doesn’ t use all these expensive machines and memberships to get  a ripped body, when you know that is somewhat a lie. Of course, I’m willing to bet he got that body by mostly working out at the gym. Not by that home stuff he’s doing on his websites and youtube page.

Yes, it is possible to get a ripped body at home by not going to the gym at all but you can get a better look and bigger built by going to the gym and being trained by a certified trainer.

Scoob’s not a certified trainer so how can you trust the guy? He also gets defensive on the negative comments he gets in youtube in his forums. Talking about having an ego problem. He puts himself out on the internet for this stuff ’cause I believe he just wants attention with other bodybuilders so he can be respected on his look, he doesn’t just want to help people.

His built is ok but needs a lot of work and it’s no where near to successful bodybuilders that you see in the magazines. He’s got a medium built, not a heavy weight built.

If you want to be into bodybuilding you have to deal with nasty critics. You will be made fun of if you put yourself out there in the bodybuilding world. Of course, people will accuse you of using steroids and of course, people will call you homosexual. It’s a regular thing that goes on with all bodybuilders in the fitness world.

Scooby’s Workshop were pretty good for a while, but then realizing how it’s not good and if you follow his advice, you’re not going to get a good look and get a huge built by learning from this guy.


Edit to add: Here’s his website to show you what I’m talking about…

BTW, everything I say here in this blog entry is my opinion, they aren’t really facts, it’ s how I see them, thank you.

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    1. My bad, you were right, I apologize. Do you agree that the things he says on his website is false? He’s just making it up for more traffic for his website and youtube channel?


  1. Not really false. Everyone has their own methods. My issue with him is that, to me, he was at least at some point in his life a steroid user. You can tell by his pecs. I don’t know of anyone that can achieve pecs that size through natural means. And if you look through his website, he actually hints that steroids are preferable to supplements, and when asked about whether or not he has taken them, he never says, “No,” but instead, skirts around the issue.

    My other issue is that his physique sucks. He has a small neck, and his trapezius and shoulders are small compared to his arms…and of course, his pecs are WAY too big.

    Also, that link to him saying not to do forearm workouts was just ridiculous.

    1. Yeah, I agree with what you said. When he posts new videos in youtube, and he gets all kinds of negative hate in the comments, he’ll remove them all, and then cry about it on his forum so his supporters can back him up. It’s clear he doesn’t like it when people accuse him of using ‘roids. He won’t admit it ’cause he knows he will get a backlash and lose respect from his supporters.


  2. Want to know how you can tell that this guy worksout at the gym and not at home? Just watch his videos… he says he knows how people “workout” wrong and the mistakes people make. People on his forum, tried asking him if he works out at the gym but he refuses to answer and lets his users on the board answer for him. I’m like dude, it’s not that hard to admit that you work out at the gym or if you’re on ‘roids. Quit being a fake, and be real. Some of his workouts really do work though. I think you know why he has a nick name instead of using his real name as to stay anonymous with his bodybuilding lessons.


    1. Well, here comes all of Scooby’s supporters to come defend the man. ha ha ha, get ready for this bone75!!! 🙂

      Seriously though, posts from the forum and people praising Scooby doesn’t prove anything.

      I’ve seen your “Before and After” pics of users in the forum. Most of your physiques are terrible, honestly. There maybe like one or two guys in “Before and After” thread with really good physiques, but most of you guys need a lot of work.

      I know Scoob’s home workouts really work ’cause I’ve tried a lot of his workouts.

      I just wish the man would be honest about steroids and going to the gym because he refuses to answer those things for whatever reason. You guys are supporting a man that is dishonest about a lot of things.


  3. Scooby responds to steroid accusations in youtube:

    “If you are interestsed in my bodybuilding philosophy, my stand on supplements, steroids or anything else please check out my website. People post comments multiple times a day accusing me of steroids and if it makes them feel better, thats fine, but I’m not going to bother defending myself against every single accusation. Let people believe what that want to believe. Just becuase someone is really muscular doesnt necessarily mean they use (or have used) steroids. I have lifted weights 25yrs” – From Scooby1961

    bone75 is right, instead of saying “no, he doesn’t use ‘roids”, he works his way around it and doesn’t give a clear answer.



  4. i am start bodybuilding, i was scooby’s but on the forum you sez

    “Scooby’s workshop, in my opinion, is not good. I don’t think you’re going to go anywhere going by his stuff.”

    wot wud u recommended get results? i am anxious now, i want to change

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t reccomend Scooby’s workshop. That guy is a phony and so are his users in his message board. If you want to get into bodybuilding and learn…I would reccomend learning from sources from bodybuilding magazines like (“Muscle and Fitness”, “Flex”, etc.), websites online like is a great site, and youtube has great source too. There are also plenty of books and dvds that you could get with begginner’s bodybuilding. Go to your local gym and ask a trainer there to get you started. If you have a gym membership, ask anybody that works out there to teach you some shit. If you enjoy talking to people, I’m sure anybody that works out at the gym will be willing to teach you things if you ask them. It’s a good way to become part of the bodybuilding/fitness community is talking to other bodybuilders. That’s how I teach myself these things.

      When you work out, you don’t want to overtrain. Only work out for 3-4 days a week, do 3 sets for each exercise for 10 reps each with a minute rest in between.

      As for a healthy nutrition, I keep it very simple by eating more fruits, veggetables, fish, eggs, etc. I don’t go near supplements too much, the only supplement I take is Whey Protein powders.

      You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a profesional trainer to train you, when you can get fit and get in shape for cheap by learning this stuff on your own. Don’t go to Scooby, I think I’m done learning from him.


      1. Kev I’m going to have to disagree with you here. It’s magazines like M&F that are tailored to the steroid-taking individual and encourage ridiculous workouts, often up to 6 exercises per bodypart for beginners (?!?) that could only work for somebody using AS.

        You have failed to identify any actual problems with scooby’s approach (which is a great approach, with an emphasis on nutrition lacking from many ‘bodybuilding’ magazines) apart from incinuating that he takes steroids – the very reason that he doesn’t have the kind of ridiculous physiquen of ‘successful bodybuilders that you see in the magazines’ (to quote you) is because he isn’t on steroids!!)

        ‘That mag will help you look like those guys you see in fighting sports and in the movies’ – comments like this make me feel like you are setting unrealistic goals, and the way you complain about the progress on scooby’s ‘before and after’ page reinforce this.

        Scooby gives great, non partisan advice (unlike magazines like M&F whose pages are stuffed with ads for unnecessary supplements.) We should all thank him!

      2. You Scooby supporters are living in a delusional fantasy world just as much as he is.

        the very reason that he doesn’t have the kind of ridiculous physiquen of ’successful bodybuilders that you see in the magazines’ (to quote you) is because he isn’t on steroids!!)

        Man’s that is hilarious!!! You see, Scooby DOES have the ridiculous physique. Scoob does have a silly physique. His physique is aweful, man. His neck is short, and he has a huge head. If you can’t tell how Scoob must have used steroids in his past, then I don’t know what to say. You can tell Scoob used roids just by looking at his pecs, and his arms. It’s just my opinion, not a fact.

        The reason people still accuse Scoob of using roids is because he has not yet proved that he never did them.

        His bodybuilding advice is terrible and a lot of his so called “facts” are wrong.

        His latest video “Keep Fit While Traveling” is even more of a joke! He claims the goal is to keep fit while traveling is to over train yourself before getting on that plane? HA!

        If you don’t like people accusing Scooby of using roids then don’t accuse other people using them. I have seen other successful bodybuilders online and in person that has better physiques than Scooby.

        Those muscle magazines I talk about is good resource. Getting bodybuilding advice and tips from people online that you can’t even trust and don’t even know like Scooby’s Workshop, just sounds kind of fishy. I found it weird how you supporters take this guy so seriously. Go back to your precious Scoob.


  5. You guys are absolutelly full of it! “You will get bigger and better built if you go to the gym”. Im not gonna beat around the bush here, you’re spewing bullshit out the mouth, as if going to the gym and hireing a personal trainer to motivate you is going to magically give you better results, sure it’s for some people but for those of us with the discipline to train ourselves to the limit we can see just as good if not better results. I bet you haters are all former jocks who turned into slobs after highschool when fitness didnt net you popularity anymore.

    I think you should all learn to train yourselves without some coach yelling in your ear, to those of you demeaning scooby’s physique get real. I live in the real world and walking down the street the only thing I see are fat people, skinny weak looking people, and husky guys who lift weights with the occasional steroid guy who got his physique from steroids.

    Oh by the way kev, our reaction is no more “strange” than your reaction, I dont see why you feel obligated to attack the man, the only thing he is pushing is better fitness and nutrition, all for free. Even jack la lanne agrees that you dont need all those fancy machines in the gym to build muscle, and he invented most of the machines. Do you idiots think he’s a joke too? It’s also funny how you losers say he “cries” when someone makes a negative comment on his videos, someone starts slandering me I’d be inclined to shut them up any way I can too.

    1. ha ha! Wow! That’s pretty hilarious how you don’t think Scooby’s may have possibly done steroids, yet you accuse other muscle guys using steroids by walking down the street! What’s wrong with that picture? If you don’t want other people judging Scooby’s possible use of steroids, then you shouldn’t accuse other people using them either.

      I know it’s possible to get ripped at home, because I’ve done it myself. This is a year old post.

      Scooby’s not a good fitness guru as he tries to be, just my opinion. A lot of his information is wrong. You guys don’t need to look after him. I sure don’t. I don’t look after anybody for fitness advice & help. I like to do things my own way, just like the way everyone else should be doing it.

      I’m closing the comments in this post. Thank you.


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