People in bodybuilding forums are idiots…

I’ve read through a few bodybuilding forums online for a little bit. Like I said before every bodybuilder has their own way of teaching people things and giving people advice. When you read through bodybuilding forums online pretty much everyone of them think they are so smart and think they are so right on everything they say.

I don’t know why begginer bodybuilders go online and ask for other people bodybuilding tips from people they don’t even know and trust? Getting advice from amatuer bodybuilders that aren’t profesional trainers? You won’t get the look you want from these kind of people.

You would want to get advice and tips from bodybuilding resource that are true. I would suggest those bodybuilding magazines you get from your newstands store.

I think “Muscle and Fitness” magazine is the best bodybuilding resource you can get anywhere, that is where I learn most of my stuff from. Not Scooby’s Workshop  (I’m beggining to feel this guy is a joke) and I wouldn’t reccomend bodybuilding sites online.

A lot of bodybuilding resource online are mostly fake and don’t really work anyways. Your best bet to get into shape is to learn from magazines (like Flex magazine or M&F, whatever) or from other people with a lot of experience (the people you know well, that is).

I just like to learn the work outs, set up my own weekly program and do things my own way. I feel I am doing a good job. Feeling a little fit and feeling great already. Just don’t get bodybuilding advice from people in message forums. Get advice and tips from the real sources. That is all.


3 thoughts on “People in bodybuilding forums are idiots…”

  1. Kev, if you really want a good, complete resource to learn from, go buy The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    1. Thanks, I’ll look for it. I’ll look for the book online and order it. I’m a huge Arnie fan anyways, so this will be good.


  2. I have to agree, I got Arnolds book and started his “Basic Training”. I have NEVER gotten compliments in the gym. After a month or two, I have several people compliment me on my shoulder development. These are people I see everyday at the gym. The push presses, clean press, upright rows, all made it happen.

    Anyway, the book is great, recommended to me by a trainer at the gym. I wouldn’t parade muscle mags though. I don’t know which ones, but I’ve been told before that these magazines often are there to push products using all the classic marketing techniques. Ever notice McDonalds commercials have thin people in them? Ever stand around and watch people come in and out of McDonalds? I hope that analogy makes sense.

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