Report: Live Nation says Marilyn Manson doesn’t have Swine Flu…

Marilyn Manson announced on his official Facebook page saying that he has Swine flu. Turns out that Live Nation says he’s full of shit and doesn’t actually have the spreading pig disease.

More on it here:

I knew Manson was full of shit too. The guy’s an attention whore. Anybody that took this seriously and think he really had it is probably just as crazy as him.


2 thoughts on “Report: Live Nation says Marilyn Manson doesn’t have Swine Flu…”

  1. he might not have the swine flu but he sure is a fat bastard these days. looks like he’s pregnant. drinking absinthe all day will do that to you. he’s been done and dusted for years, you can only shock people for so long but if you can’t write a decent tune you’re fucked.


    1. Marilyn Manson’s music was only good in the old days when he was with Twiggy Ramirez, as far as his new shit goes, no thanks.


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