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Still not a fan of Scooby but this is actually one of his best videos, can’t help myself but actually agree with him on this one! “Eat Real Food”!!!

When I first started bodybuilding & lifting weights, I used to obsess with supplements and protein powders. I used to spend a lot of money on them month after month. I used to believe supplements and protein powders were the way to go in order to get ripped and get big muscle. Now I avoid supplements and protein powders like the plague and I don’t do that shit anymore.

I agree with Scoob 100% that so many bodybuilders and other types of lifters are so brainwashed into thinking that supplements are the way to go. A lot of them have so many chemicals in them that can be dangerous for your body, anyway. Some of them can be loaded with sugars and they can make you fat as well.

Since I gave up supplements completely, I now prefer to build muscle from real food. Eating good and clean is not hard. To get protein all you need to do is eat that from meats like chicken breast, pork, steak, ground turkey, fish, etc. When it comes to chicken and protein, the only chicken you want is chick breast. You want to stay away from fried chicken, chicken legs, bbq chicken, chicken wings, etc. ’cause they are too fatty. Chicken breast is the best way to go. Another good protein source is a few dairy products like lowfat cottage cheese and greek yogurt which I also eat a lot of. Get protein from eggs or egg whites as well.

You still need your good carbs ’cause you don’t want to eat just a high protein diet only… you gotta have your complex carbs like fruits, vegetables and whole grains which I eat a lot of.

You also need your good fats like nuts (preferably almonds), avocado and natural peanut butter.

It’s not hard to eat clean at all and what I listed above is all you pretty much need. I eat a mostly clean nutrition and from mostly real food.

I do have cheat meals ’cause you don’t want to avoid junk food completely ’cause you gotta have balance. I don’t go too crazy with junk food. Only junk food I still like to have is ice cream, sometimes fast food, chinese and pizza. I also consider Cliff Bars a cheat meal ’cause I like those too.

I hate that so many lifters and gym goers are so naive into thinking that supplements are the way to go. The reason so many buy a lot of supplements and brainwashed by it ’cause of sites like bodybuilding.com and tnation that does nothing but ram supplements down our throats. The same with the muscle and bodybuilding magazines that are out there, they promote supplements heavily too.

Another reason I stopped buying supplement’s ’cause they are overpriced. They can be pretty costly around $25 – $35 or over and I can’t afford to buy them on a monthly basis when I run out. What’s even crazier is that you’ll see a lot of lifters using more than one supplement product which is dangerous for your body, in my opinion.

I can’t take supplements anyways ’cause my doctor gave me orders to stop using them for my own health reasons which I will not get into details about. That’s okay, though ’cause supplements are a waste of time and money.

The only supplement I need for my workouts is a nice hot cup of green tea and drink cold water throughout the day which I do both of those.

I agree with Scoob, “Eat Real Food”. Finally, Scoob posted a great video which I agree with totally on. You can still build some serious muscle by eating real food. I’ve been doing it and it works wonders for me. You should try it too.


Cool Video: This is why I’m a fan of the Hodge Twins, they give good advice on how much protein you should take in…

This is why I like the Hodge Twins, the Twin Muscle Channel. What makes these guys so cool is that they make sure their fitness information is factual and they do a great job of it, in my opinion. They’re right on the money that a natural bodybuilder don’t need so much protein. I don’t really need so much, which is one of the reasons why I decided to give up drinking Whey Protein powders. I just get protein from real food like egg whites, fish, chicken breast, various meats, etc. Like the Twins said, you need your healthy carbs too, and you can get that stuff from whole wheat bread (I go for the organic bread), plain oat meal, vegetables, etc. You can also get healthy carbs from healthy beans like kidney beans, black beans, etc.

When I first started bodybuilding, I used to think I needed so much protein but then I had to slow it down some, which is why my nutrition is not all the way that strict like most people think. This is why I like to eat what I want on the weekends only.

The Hodge Twins do the best job giving fitness information in youtube. They also do the best job at keeping their videos funny and comedic. A lot of fitness gurus try to be comedic, but the Twins sure get me laughing the hardest. That’s one of the reasons why their channel is addicting.


Thought: Eggs is an important part of a fitness nutrition…

When you get into fitness, a lot of people are going to question your strange eating habits. Eating healthy and eating weird, maybe strange, yes, but it must be done so you can get the fit body of your dreams. Eating a lot is key to getting a ripped body. Without good eating, you’re never going to get anywhere. I eat 4 eggs a day, w/the yolk. Some people claim that it’s too much but for a fitness person/bodybuilder, not really. For a bodybuilder, you must eat 3-4 eggs a day.

Here is proof on how eggs with the egg yolk is healthy and how egg whites does nothing for your body, see this well written article, here. Read from top to bottom.

I don’t care if people think my nutrition is weird. I vow to do whatever it takes to get the ripped body of my dreams. Do I miss eating other foods? Yes, of course. I need to eat mostly high protein and low carb stuff, all the time. Gotta get used to that fact.

I eat 4 eggs a day ’cause I need the protein. It’s part of a fitness nutrition. That’s the name of the game.


Egg yolks is where most of the protein is in the egg…

For the past couple of months, I’ve experimented eating eggs without egg yolks, just to see what egg whites does. Scooby claims that egg yolks are bad for you. This is one thing that he is totally misinformed on…I’ve done careful research and studying about eggs. All the healthy ingredients are in the egg yolks. Protein, vitamins, omega3, etc. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to go back to eating eggs with the yolk in them, from this point on. I thought about avoiding egg yolks for good but it was only temporary. I was experimenting with it, to try it, see what it does without the yolk. Eating egg whites is not bad, but you don’t get much out of it. You get more healthy with the yolks in it.

I know I posted this video before, but I’m going to post it again. This is why Scooby’s workshop sucks and people shouldn’t look after him for dieting advice and workout tips. It seems he is making things up as he goes along. I researched it that egg yolks won’t make you fat.