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Cool Video: This is why I’m a fan of the Hodge Twins, they give good advice on how much protein you should take in…

This is why I like the Hodge Twins, the Twin Muscle Channel. What makes these guys so cool is that they make sure their fitness information is factual and they do a great job of it, in my opinion. They’re right on the money that a natural bodybuilder don’t need so much protein. I don’t really need so much, which is one of the reasons why I decided to give up drinking Whey Protein powders. I just get protein from real food like egg whites, fish, chicken breast, various meats, etc. Like the Twins said, you need your healthy carbs too, and you can get that stuff from whole wheat bread (I go for the organic bread), plain oat meal, vegetables, etc. You can also get healthy carbs from healthy beans like kidney beans, black beans, etc.

When I first started bodybuilding, I used to think I needed so much protein but then I had to slow it down some, which is why my nutrition is not all the way that strict like most people think. This is why I like to eat what I want on the weekends only.

The Hodge Twins do the best job giving fitness information in youtube. They also do the best job at keeping their videos funny and comedic. A lot of fitness gurus try to be comedic, but the Twins sure get me laughing the hardest. That’s one of the reasons why their channel is addicting.


The Hodge Twins, the kings of fitness information???

“Hey man, you ready to build some rock hard muscle man? Do ya? Well, that’s good, you just came to the right channel….”

“Man, get the fuck outta the way…”

There are too many fitness gurus online trying to get attention in the fitness industry. Thing is, that none of these fitness guys in youtube are famous or anything. They just want to get themselves out there and help people. I think all these fitness gurus in youtube just want to pass along the success that they achieved. They don’t do it for the fame, they just want to help people.

Whether you like the Hodge Twins or not, you gotta give them the respect. They sure know how to grab people’s attention with their videos and their information is pretty valid and spot on. Better than anybody’s I’ve seen. They definitely know their stuff. I’m definitely am a fan of the Hodge Twins and I’m usually not a fan of any fitness guys in youtube, but the Hodge Twins are great.

None of the fitness gurus in youtube are going to become famous but if one of them are going to get famous, it would be the Hodge Twins. I can see them doing their own workout DVDs and books soon. The TMW Channel is indeed the best fitness channel in youtube.


Edit to add: I know I gave the Hodge Twins a shout out on here before, but I’m giving them another one, why? Because I can do whatever, THE FUCK, I WANNA DO!!!!!