Charlie Sheen is HIV positive… well what a surprise? (sarcasm)…

Charlie Sheen is an obvious “player”. He is in what they call “The Game” as well. He too likes to be in multiple relationships with different women. Charlie likes to sleep with the hot ones. Mostly with the 9’s and the 10’s. He mostly likes to sleep with the models and hookers obviously.

Being that kind of guy may sound a lot of fun but here is a bit of a wake up call to all the guys who are into that kind of thing. If you’re into that kind of thing, make sure you’re protected at all times. There’s a myth going on out there that you can only get HIV/AIDS through the gay lifestyle… not true. You can get that from women as well obviously.

Sucks for Charlie but I think he had it coming. He was probably one of those men who never believed in wearing protection during sex. Nothing wrong with having multiple sex partners but do it responsibly and carefully. It’s a risky game for sure.


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