Obama’s speech reading is getting worse, is he sick? I’d say yes…

It seems that Barack is getting worse and worse at his speech reading. I’m listening to him on his G20 Summit speech in Turkey and it seems that he’s having a hard time reading his own speech. I’m 100% positive he’s reading off a teleprompter like usual but even he can’t even read off his own teleprompter. His speaking voice is kind of getting hoarse too and a lot of mumbling.

During Obama’s first term as president, he used to be really good at reading off a teleprompter but these days he’s getting horrible and he’s really boring to listen to.

I think he’s definitely having some health problems and he’s hiding it from us. There’s no doubt in my mind that something is definitely wrong with him for sure. Some may believe he might be having a “cold” but make no mistake about it. He’s been sick for a long while. His health looks kind of worse.

I’m not worried about his health ’cause I could care less what happens to this piece of shit. Just pointing out the fact that he isn’t looking good these days. Why would someone having health problems still be in office? From the looks of things, he is getting worse with his health whatever he’s having? Maybe it’s from his years of crack addiction or maybe he’s HIV positive too? Take your pick.


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